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What is the brand of Wei Shao? What is the brand of Wei Shao series?

In 18 years, Wei Shao\’s first double signing shoes Jordan Why Not Zer series has been sent, and it has already reached the fourth generation. The shoes are exposed to

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. Large concern, trend of shape, good shoe configuration, have always got a lot of people\’s favorite, then this pair of small ball shoes worth starting? Let\’s take a look.

What is the brand of Wei Shao Shoes

Wei Shao Shoes is Nike\’s brand, shoes

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logo\’s words are also Jordan The flying man marker, the birth of the shoes on January 5, 2018, has been sold in the fourth generation of shoes. Wei Shao\’s Jordan Why Not Zer Series Ball Self-exposure has been very popular, high, high configuration, whether it is an outstanding street or actual combat is a good choice, you like to pay attention.

What is the right to play

Wei Shao series, Xiaobian feels very suitable for changing not many defendings, passionate line sprint front line , Non-pure power-type center, Wei Shao\’s iron powder wants to collect old iron, simply want to experience the eating of the whole palm zoom, can try it, the current Shoes of Wei Shao series have been released for 4 generations, each pair Shoes are very distinctive, everyone chooses according to their needs.

Which generation is best

Xiaobian feels that Wei Shao 3 generation is good, the ZOOM of the front palm slot is very bomb, the small weight is behind

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is hard. The lace pulls the magic stickers, the package is good, the shaped TPU in the sole is really hard, and it is not very big before and after. And now the black gold can not buy 600, if you have a decisive to get a decisive, let\’s go.

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