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Is the AJ11 South Coast for sale AJ11 South Coast Passer?

The South Coast Color is a classic color color made by Nike James, recently Nike uses this classic color matching scheme to AJ11. So what is the combination of AJ11 and South Coast? Specifically, please, let Xiaobian lead everyone together to see it!

AJ11 South Coast for sale

Recently Nike launched a new AJ11 South coast color, this new color shoe body design is very simple and past South Coast color The solution is slightly different. The whole new color shoe is dominated by black and white, and the layout of the lychee leather is made up early, and the design of the lace is created in an irregular splash style. This adds a touch of color to a simple shoe, presenting a classic South coast style.

The middle portion of the conventional window Air Max is changed to the middle bottom of the foam, and the bottom portion is selected from the bottom portion. At present, this new color color has not yet released specific release information, but it is reported that this new color match will be on the scene this year, and the friends who like it may wish to pay more!

AIR Jordan 11 Low CMFT \\\”South Beach\\\”

Item No .: CW0784-104

Off date: 2021

AJ11 South Coast Pavigation

AJ11 is half code, Xiaobian recommends that you can buy a big half code when choosing. If you are not sure, you can measure the length of your foot, measure the length of the foot, measure the footage

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method is the foot length

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refers to the longest toe vertices to the foot followed by Horizontal linear distance. In addition, if you have a condition, you can also try it to do it again.

The story of the South Coast

The South Coast is an important landscape of the famous American city Miami, this is the color of Miami\’s natural landscape. Light blue sea, accompanied by pink sunset, so the color of the South Coast color is here. Ten years ago, James announced that talent to the South Coast and caused the sensation of the world. Nike also helped Lebron\’s boots to add the color of the South Coast, launched this pair of Lebron 8, became the darling of the upper. Subsequently, Nike colored the South Coast and became one of the routine colors in Lebron boots. Nowadays, the South Coast is also a classic color color of Nike.

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