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AJ5 angry bull will return to the AJ5 angry bull nice on 2021

This year is the 30th anniversary of AJ5, but the big red suede AJ5 in this two in 2009 released, but there is no news, but the date of recent release is determined, will be on April 10 next year. Officially released, still worth looking forward to, let\’s take a look.

AJ5 Angry Bull will return to return to 2021

This month, this double shoe will return next year, after 12 years, it will make more Player dream, the latest news, this pair of shoes will be

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officially released on April 10 next year, the sale price is $ 190, there is currently no 2021 version of the real thing

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According to the distance, there are still more than half a year. Everyone has time to save money, we will continue to pay attention!

AIR Jordan 5 \\\”Raging Bull\\\”

Item No .: DD0587-600

Online Date: April 10, 2021

Offers: $ 190

AJ5 Angry Bulls look good?

Good-looking, and there is still a historical meaning of shoes.

This pair of AJ5 \\\”Red Suede\\\” was originally sold in the form of \\\”3M\\\” in the form of \\\”Raging

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Bulls\\\”, 2009 is also known as \\\”Toro Bravo \\\”. There are two bulls of red eyes on the special wooden box, which is the pen of this shoe box.

The shoes are made with big red suede, and the midsole iconic shark teeth is based on the red logo of the Bulls, as if they are \\\”blood\\\”.

After years of return, it is still very meaningful and worth, you can pay attention to it.

AJ5 Angry Bulls Feet

Many people who see all red shoes may feel that this kind of shoes are not good, I am worried that I will be too exaggerated after the feet, really feet Then, this color is actually suitable for the feeling of summer. The AJ 5 is really can\’t say particularly please, but the excellent color matching is a classic footwear, which provides sufficient reasons for you, you can pay attention to it. what.