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When AJ1 \\\”6 rings\\\” is released from AJ1 \\\”6 rings\\\” physical spy photos

Recently AJ1 exposed a new color color, known as \\\”6 rings\\\”, this pair of shoes have also become the most uncomfortable color match by many industries, after all, this color and black toe \\\”breed TOE\\\” almost Same, the only difference is Nike\’s Swoosh L

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OGO and the outsole color becomes red. So, how is this coloring performance, when is it for sale? Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian with interestfall!

How is AJ1 \\\”6 rins\\\”

According to rumors, 2018 is Jordan Brand\’s high yield. We have introduced you, this year, Jordan Brand will push

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from 30 AIR Jordan I new color, and earlier \\\”Bred TOE\\\”, the \\\”shadow\\\”, And \\\”Game Royal\\\”, etc. After the first exposure, the well-known INS\’s well-known bag broke the newspaper has brought another new color \\\”6 rings\\\” spy photos.

This pair of AIR Jordan 1 \\\”6 rings\\\” is basically consistent with the \\\”Bred Toe\\\” routine, but will only be in

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\\\”black toe\\\” color basis Swoosh logo and the outer floor replaced with red. In addition, the material that follows is also likely to change. See this design, Xiaobian just wants to say a sentence, the money is also troubles with you!

AJ1 \\\”6 rings\\\” spy photos

This just exposed AIR Jordan 1 \\\”6rings\\\” is inspired by a flying man in Chicago Bulls, will Jordan Xi loved playing cards above the insoles, the three-color creative of the shoe body, white, red, complement to the grinding leather blessing, the overall atmosphere and classic \\\”black toes\\\”, the upper foot effect is also good!

Do you think it is Air Jordan \\\”least worry\\\” design? Do you still think about it? Let\’s talk about the following review areas and Xiaobian!

When AJ1 \\\”6 rings\\\” is released

At present, there is no market information about this shoe, and the boss of interest can continue to pay attention. Flow network.