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Kobe5 Protro Heart Color Offers ZK5 Protro Heart Detail Appreciation

Kobe\’s death fans are still very sad, Nike also focuses on

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opened Kobe shoes plan, not only with hot colorful hot pot, but also new color release, such as This double-explosive kobe 5 protro \\\”,\\\” Heart \\\”color, the value is really high, plus the naked eye 3D effect looks really good.

Kobe5 Protro Heart Color Feed Information

This new color kobe 5 prot

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RO has not released the sale of information, but I I believe that such a pair of clean and blur Kobe 5 Protro must be a good shoes that will be sought after. Although Kobe 5 Protro reduction is really mad, Nike always uses designs to make me true, hehe! Really unfortunately.

In short, Kobe 5 protroo \\\”Heart\\\” heart color! I can only use \\\”true nb\\\” to describe this color color, I am willing to call it the most!

ZK5 Protro Heart Detail Drawing Appreciation

White as the main adjustment, the most eye-catching design is a macropolitan geometric pattern, creating a naked eye 3D effect .

This angle looks at the shoes, or there is a laser design of Ha

The overall sole body exhibits extremely refreshing visual experience. . But the white gray color is not onto the solid color pen.

The configuration of the middle is also the blessing of Air Zoom

Side of black Nike Swoosh logo, perfect the design of the whole double shoe.

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hole design

Insole, left and right feet, respectively, 2 and 4, If you want to have a meaning, you will not have to make a small editor.

Kobe5 Protro is worth starting with

Kobe5 Protroeybl \\\”Forest Green\\\” to build a main line vision with a dark green, which has a camouflage detail. The movement of motion, the details of metal texture are also quite high.

Kobe5 Protro \\\”EYBL\\\” is a full-scale upper, shoes tongue and shoesColor dotted.The middle bottom is through black, and finally the end of orange is ending.

Kobe5 Protro \\\”Big Stage Parade\\\”, white, black two color matching twoStrong visual impact.

Kobe5 Protro \\\”Lakers\\\”, the shoe body uses yellow lines to outline the contour, black purple colors cover the upper, highlight the lakes\’ purple gold theme!