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Why is NBA prohibited players from playing in the upper feet Yeezy ball shoes coconut basketball shoes real detail appreciation

The NBA preseason has started to start the first show. I don\’t know if everyone is satisfied. The most

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near NBA announced a message to ban the player. Yeezy shoes, why? Let\’s go to understand.

NBA Why No Player Competition is in the upper feet Yeezy ball

October 2


Japan reports according to NBA reporter Nick Depaula, multiple sources revealed that The NBA office will prohibit players from on the game, Yeezy basketball shoes, because their foot followed by 3M reflective material.

Sonbed, although the Alliance Office has not officially received samples from new Yeezy basketball shoes, if the physical and online public photos, the alliance will not pass. If the reflective material is canceled,

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may be licensed.

The new season players do not need to wear a ball shoe that matches the color of jerseys, but the alliance still needs to review all brand new shoes.

\\\”Yeezy basketball shoes real details\\\”

The upper is spliced \\u200b\\u200bfrom a variety of materials, and the translucent mesh is also appeared in this new basketball shoes. In the middle, the lines of the whole double shoe and the texture are not small in the Yeezy series design style, and the identity is extremely high.

After the stitching of light gray, dark gray and black, the light gray part also uses 3M reflective material, with super reflective effects, it can really be bright after the foot, And such a 3m lighting detail is actually spreading in the body,

YEEZY basketball shoes on the foot?

The value of the upper feet is still very High, footwear is not bloated

Xiaobian is still looking forward to the actual performance of this pair of coconut basketball shoes, looking forward to hurrying the market

Adidas Ozweego Tech latest coloring adidas ozweego sci-fi silver is about to be released

Adidas Ozweego

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combines the convergence of vintage elements and avant-garde concept, using technology cloth, suede leather and semi-transparent catheter design, letting the whole double shoes

Nike Shoes for Girls 10 Years [ 123] At the same time, there is retro and technology, and handsome and type! A launch was loved by the majority of users. The latest colorful TECH sci-fi silver, the upcoming sale, is also a sense of domineering, catching

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followed by Xiaobian!

Adidas Ozweego Tech Introduction Analysis

Shoe as shown in Figure

The above-mentioned pure gray adjustment and silver white color decoration Whole Sole

With the retro shoe type of Ozweego itself, its overall appearance design and color pattern of the shoes can be considered one of the necessary shoes that are in the absence of the street

The upper use of glossy special materials, which makes it more schematic in complex shoe type.

Adidas Ozweego Tech

Item No .: FU7646

Offering Date: October 26

Off Price: $ 140

Item No .: Fu7644

Offering Date: October 26

Offer price: $ 140

Is the adidas ozwwego tech value not worth starting?

Adidas Originals Ozweego design is inspired by Ozweego 3 from the 190s due to the exterior and functionality of featured, and in recent years, under the influence of fashion designer Raf Simons, it is dominated by Adidas. ORIGINALS BY RAF SIMONS series, in addition to thoroughly fired Ozweego 3, indirect ignited Ozweego that is born in this year.

Take out the design focus of Ozweego, the most eye-catching part is the half-transparent conduit that runs through the shoes, is the less configuration in the current shoe design, and cooperate with leather Material shoes, exceptIn addition to a strong sense of visual conflict, there is a kind of visual sense of future and retro consolidation, and the splicing upper shoes also match the color of the color, showing the eye-catching retro and future coexistence, eachThe style can be easily controlled!