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PG2 Thunder Color Spy photos Sharing NIKE Paul Second Generation Dark Blue Shop

Since PG1 fire, I believe that many small partners are full of expectations. I have exposed PG2 design in PG2. Now, the physical spy photos of the first pair of PG2 finally came to everyone, this pair PG2 with Thunder color is quite good, and interested partners come and see it with Xiaobian.

PG2 Thunder Color Spy photos

This is the exposed PG2 Thunder color spy photos, many small partners said that there is no PG1, Q6U, I feel that the so-called \\\”Robee has love \\\”, Maybe some small partners will feel that PG2 is better.

The shoes are inspired by Thunder, and the dark blue upper uses a reinforcing mesh material, plus blue

Nike Soccer Ball

Nike Soccer Ball

Suede, with marble line-like white orange, perfect echoing the theme. At its lace and the middle, it is printed with a iconic Nike Swoosh. The Paul exclusive logo, the orange color scheme is embellished above its tongue.

PG2 Thunder Color Offering Information

Currently, this two Thunder color match has not released the sale of information, and interested small partners can continue to pay attention to Q6U\’s latest news.

NIKE PG series

2014 \\\”broken leg\\\” injured event shocked the basket, but this did not defeat him, after the cultivation of the year, he returned. In 2017, Nike officially launched the signature shoes Nike PG 1, the designer Tony Hardman learned from George\’s favorite shoes Nike Zoom Crusader, using a concise line to create a pair of different shoes, messenger Leather material stitching synthesized shoe body full of texture, fish squamous road with sole, the buckle buoy shape design is inspired by George\’s largest personal hobby – fishing.

Flywire dynamic flying lines in the body provide very good parcels and stability for the shoe shoe, which uses PHYLON foam plus front palm Zoom AIR air cushion. Bring a light and rebellion

Terminator 1 Nike Shoes

effect, the 3M reflective strip design in the back of the balloon means that his famous injured incident, the price of the shoes itself is not Expensive, cost-effective is quite good. 2016-2017 season,

Nike Shoes Women Air Max

Georgia was cut off 23.7 points 6.6 rebound 3.3 assists, led the pedestrians into the playoffs, but eventually lost James, Owen led the knight, hate First round.

This pair of PG2 adopts inner boots, increasing its wrapping, making the feel more comfortable.In terms of configuration, this PG 2 did not have special surprises, still using a single core Zoom Air design.