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Suitable trend of breath of retro running shoes!New NIKE SHOX R4 is about to be released

In recent years, retro trend is popular, and the retro running shoes that come into shipping are also hot.Recently release a group of Nike Shox R4 official maps,toddler 6 nike shoes and classic gas column technology seems to be a new job.The exposed is a pure black color shoe, retaining an early retro profile.The whole body is made with leather, a compact shoe, connected to a streamlined shoe body.Side of the pepper reinforced support, dotted the line outline Swoosh logo.The sole configuration is the same as the early stage, and the palm of the round dot brings extremely strong friction. The 5 uniform distributed gas columns have steadily supported the retro running running shoes The highest technology.Even the trend of breath retro running shoes, good spring and summer match options.According to the news,nike shoes men air max 97 this pair of shoes will be available next month, the item number BV1111-001, is expected to be priced at $ 140.Like friends can pay more attention to our information in the near future, we will bring follow-up reports in the first time.