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AJ1 MID Leopard Color Offering Information Air Jordan 1 MID Leopard Color How much

AJ1 has released a lot of color colors today, and also returns a lot of popular OG\’s first year color, but the price makes many people look, this upcoming Air Jordan 1 MID SE color color is very good, released It is also very close, interested partners, hurry to look at Xiaobian!

The shoe body is built with a leopard pattern, and the suede material is used, more themes

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style, the shoe and the upper side are black-tensioned, adding a bit of calm, with white Swoosh, making this pair of shoes extra eye.

The medium is used to use pure white design, echoing Swoosh hue, the flying wing logo on the upper side of the leopard fish, add a mysterious view.

AIR Jordan 1 MID SE How much

This AJ1 MID SE is on the official website to go online, release price

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¥ 799 RMB , Have a favorite small partner hurry up!

AJ1 MID What is the meaning


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AJ1MID is a middle version of AJ1, It has eight lace holes, while AJ1 has 9 lace holes. Although all the shoes of AJ, it is actually a much lower price of AJ1MID than the AJ1 series.

Most of the AJ1 that usually said is AJ1 HIGH, with 9 lace holes, it is high-top basketball shoes, and is also a star product in AJ.