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AJ34 Fire Red Spider Appreciation Air Jordan 34 Fire Infrared Offers

Xiaobian has brought a new AJ34 today. It is a new red, very bright, although the online is the infrared style, but Xiaobian feels more like a flaming theme! It is said that it is going to welcome it, you can come and look at it together!

AJ34 Fire Red Spy photos Appreciation

High-visibility Scarlet Color Tuning The most compelling details of the performance model

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The textile and synthetic material of the entire non-zipper upper cover is covered in \\\”infrared 23\\\”, and the contour mesh panel maintains its translucent appearance.

AIR Jordan 34 Fire Infrared Offers

Eclipse molding plate, Jumpman and \\\”NIKE Air\\\” brand have also obtained dark red treatment. In other places, \\\”black\\\” interrupts the \\\”face\\\” arrangement of the tongue, lace and the foot,

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is just like 2014 AJ6. Visible Zoom Air cushions There is a dark window under the front foot, sandwiched in the middle \\\”infrared 23\\\” toe box and human glyphs.

On March 4th, the price of $ 180 is waiting for Nike\’s upcoming, come and see the next Jordan 34 below.

AJ34 how to fight outside

Package: The whole upper is basically in the outside, and the light cotton cloth is created and the wing upper is formed. So on the feet The most intuitive first feeling at Air Jordan 34 is that it is almost impossible to exist in upper. Relatively light wingles are filled with inner miles, allowing Air Jordan 34 to have better breathability than traditional cortical upper or knitted upper. When doing any breakthroughs during the actual combat, there is no feeling that the foot is pushing to the upper. Instead, there is a feeling of hoot and upper integration, shifting speed, and the reaction of the upper when the air stop is particularly rapid. The reason why this feel is because the upper is light enough.

Capitality: The middle of the middle is still the front and fuss, the front palm is large, and the rear is slightly small. However, the feeling of the feet is still a bit hard, I don\’t know if there is no reason for stepping.

Anti-side turn: the hollow Eclipse Plate visible at the middle of the naked eye, each step of the bow is obviously supported, and the upper side of the shoe has also used the hot melt patch + rubber patch. Design, the overall feeling is still good.

Blectance: Absorbing, the entire upper to the outer group


This is made of light cotton cloth and the wing upper, so the most intuitive first feeling at the foot Air Jordan 34 is almost impossible to have the existence of the upper.

Grizzling: The outbreak-shaped human stripes, with the arc-shaped rubber strip of the front palm, so that the grip is also improved.

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Nike is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA. The sporting goods produced by the company include, such as clothing, footwear, sports equipment, etc. Nike is a famous sports brand in the world, in English, refers to Greek victory goddess, Chinese translation for Nike.

The Nike logo pattern is a small hook. Nike has always motivated every athlete around the world and is a glorious task for its best products. Nike\’s first gas cushion technology brought a revolution to the sports community. Sneakers using this technology can protect the knees of athletes well. Decrease the impact of

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when it is fiercely movement.

On June 8, 2016, \\\”2016 Brandz\’s most value brand will\\\” announced, Nike 24th. On September 8, 2016, Apple held Hike to officially launch the second generation Apple Watch second-generation product. March 15, 2017, 3.15 party exposure, Nike HyperDunk 08 FTB (SKU: 869611-001) basketball shoes was found to be incorrect. On December 18, 2018, the \\\”2018 World Brand 500\\\” prepared by the World Brand Laboratory was announced, and Nike ranked 8th place. \\\”Wealth\\\” magazine 2019 World 500 strong rankings rank 340. Operating income 36,397 ($ million). In October 2019, the global brand released by Interbrand 16. In January 2020, Nike (NIKE) is ranked 13th in the world\’s most appreciated company list.