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Wade 7 Joint Rick Ross Spypes Wow7 X Rick Ross Offers Information

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Remember the previous Xiaobian to report the joint name of Rick Ross and Li Ning King Road, recently, online exploding of Wade\’s Road 7 joint photos, shoes There is a big crown on the body, watching or domineering, let\’s take a look at the information about the Wade of 7 joint RICK ROSS spy photos.

Wade\’s road 7 joint Rick Ross spy photos

See the first eye of this pair, I believe everyone will be attracted by the huge crown of the following. This is the design of Wade 7. The body of the body is dressed in black, and the unique fabric is created, and wearing a snake pattern, adding a wild atmosphere.

Nearly enjoy

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Side Crown Detail

Soads have more The golden embellishment, the inner lining is more like a iconic purple devil fish texture, and the whole style is gorgeous and exaggerated.

WOW7 X RICK ROSS Offer Information

The official information about this pair of WOW7 X RICK ROSS is not announced, but it can be determined that these double-joint shoes The money will be released, everyone will come to look forward to it.

Let\’s appreciate the relevant physical map of the Wu Dao 2 ACE, Joint Rick Ross, first exposed is black gold color

There is also a pair of red

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Wow7 and Owen 5 Which

Wade\’s road 7 is all comfortable, the palm is more comfortable than the foreardem, but the overall focus is high but steady, the texture can be said to be hung Basketball shoes, it\’s right, hanging, but breathable.

Ou Wen 5 breaks the defender, focusing on the front palm, is a pair of shoes specializing in the defender,

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in the package is good.

The problem does not say to play and weigh, and it can\’t say which pair is suitable. Anyway, these two pairs of shoes are good.