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AIR Jordan 14 big red beef cow spits photos appreciative AJ14 big red offer information

Recently, a new AJ14 broke up on the Internet. There was no traditional leather on the material, but used a high-standard NBR. The material of this material is very rare, and the red color of the body is very high. height of! At present, online is already exploding for sale

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date, interested friends come together!

AIR Jordan 14 big red beef spits dispasses

The whole body is covered with a big red NBC leather material, simple Black, white double color dotted detail! The whole color is simple and practiced, and it is necessary to go to the feet. It is quite refreshing. It is definitely a good couple\’s shoes for spring and summer!

AJ14 big red release information

Currently, this shoe is expected to be released on June 6, the price is $ 190, more physical maps we will continue to pay attention and report! The price of the sale in China is about 1400 yuan!

AJ14 actual assessment

First, the venue is the kind of paint, gray and slide, 14 large rubber is very hard, this thought will slip, but actual It\’s not so unbearable, and there is no pulling phenomenon. But it is a bit hard, the package is also average, the package is also general, it is better to woven the inheat, the package is not as good as the woven, the package Strong, tightening the lace feet is still a bit shaking in the shoes, in short, not so comfortable. In terms of slowing, the front palm zoom is really surprised. Although it is slightly behind, it is a bit unnatural, but since the heart is very soft, it may be that the position is close to the insole, and you can feel it softly. Obviously deformation. See the displacement, 14 front palm cushion 7mm, rear of 8mm, but the postal Zoom feels less obvious, just when the word is just typing, the heel is still hurt, and the ability to absorb the impact when landing is indeed a little bit. .


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, the old shoes are still a bit lost, after all, the times in progress in progress, a pair of top shoes before 20 years ago Something in today may not come from heart. Welfare is on the stadium and beautiful 14 today.

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Air Jordan 14 is referred to as Chinese is Jordan 14 generation. From Jordan 1 generation to Jordan 14 generation, each generation of shoes are inspirations for designers. Ferrari550maranello gave AJ14 to the prototype of the shoes. The whole pair of shoe is a run model, which is as shown in 550. Transfer hole and 550The ventilation system is printed in a mold.The larger floor of the human pattern is more direct to the tires.The most direct, even the logo of the flying people also changed, they won the fake horses.Remove these details, if you like shoes, like your car, you can feel the 2IN1 indulgence and tough performance of the shoes and the car.