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When is Easy Jianlian to return to Ying Jianlian?

Recently, the horse is reimbursed this season, and the things about the return of Yi Jianlian have been discussed by the majority of netizens, and after the end of the season, Sun Yue will retire, and I will not retire for Yi Jianlian. It is also very much, but Xiaobian believes that he will return to CBA to play. Do you think?

When is Easy to build a comment

Xiaobian Interpretation This season is easy to Jianlian or have the opportunity to come out.

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Dongqi Ma Shang – Brooks broke the branch, as a team\’s number one scored, his tissue series capabilities

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The same is good, his tactical status is only comparable to Yi Jianlian, and his external defensive ability is also in the league level. His next absence will greatly affect the future of Guangdong, and will also affect the season of this season. So Yipina\’s return to the rock is still very likely, everyone thinks.

Yi Jianlian went back to CBA

For the second consecutive season, the Guangdong team ace collapsed in a calendar. Last season is Yi Jianlian, now is Mashang Brooks. Last year, you can take risks to Ad. Less Ma Shang more ALE, strength will not fall or even stronger. So this year, I saw the opportunity of Ali, still very big.

Yi Jianlian\’s status in China

, although Yi Jianlian has not left the stadium yet, it is the current achievement, in China\’s basketball The position is already lifted. From the perspective of Chinese basketball history, Yi Jianlian should be able to say that it is only the existence of the history of Yao Ming. Yao Ming is undoubtedly the most influential Chinese basketball representative so far, and the Yi Jianliang, which is a lot of low-key, and the second is also the property!

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