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Letter brother 1 gray orange color release information letter brother 1 gray orange coloring physical appreciation

With the last season of the race, the star playing the star. At the same time, I also won the MVP of last season regular season. At the same time, Nike has signed success with this MVP this summer and will have a signature ball for himself. Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian! Nike Running Shoes

Substrate, light blue translucent outsole outline. The entire shoes are very breathable.

The exclusive sign of the tongue and the 34LOGO of the shoes were embedded in coral orange. This shoe has a steady color matching. The most important thing is that this shoe does not have him trouble.

Letters 1 gray orange color release information

It is reported that the official release date of this letter brother 1 coral orange color color is officially released on November 15, and the offer is $ 120. Like the letter brother or feel that this shoe is very suitable for yourself, friends, friends, may wish to look forward to it.


Nike Shoes Canada

Item No .: BQ5422-002

Offering Date: November 15

Offering price:

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Letter brother generation evaluation

wrap resistance: half an inner boots There are two flying lines above the front palm to lock the front palm (I belong to the thin shape) and the sponge is very good, and the parcel is very good.

Support: In static, the anti-side of the back and forefoot is a good sense of security, and the upper is similar to the fabric of plastic, and the two pairs of flying also have a good support. I don\’t know how the actual combat will.

anti-side turn: Previously, the blogger can easily fold the shoes, the domestic version is not (maybe the new shoes are not dare to force), and the left and right are not twisted, and the side guard side Turning can give people a sense of security under static.

Capitality: After the light jump, the double layer zoom is not given a stunning feeling (LZ light weight), the fat dragon in the palm is a soft bomb.

Grizzling: Don\’t slip in the tile floor, it is not so strong after a slight action, it is a powerful feeling.

Summary: In general, the letter song generation is still veryIt is worth starting, whether it is actual combat or pressing road, is a good choice.