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Air Force No. 1 Latest Color Spider Information Star Pattern + Point Element AF1 Offer Information

The latest color of the Air Force broke out, the whole double shoes were designing Bluemat, the whole pair of air force 1 low, was very amazing, born in 1982 Air Force, is a one-pair of super old artillery Ball shoes, after 37 years of test, still one of the most beautiful shoes. Next, you will take a look at you!

The latest color spy photos of the Air Force

Inside and outside the silver part, there is a very fresh visual experience.

White main color is transferred, the side of the card is mixed with metal silver decoration, and the khaki part is applied to the stars pattern decoration

Swoosh logo also adopted Silver decoration, followed by a patent leather gradually red effect, it is reported that it is likely to be designed for girls.

Air Force No. 1 latest color collection information

There is currently no specific offer information of this new color match, and the small partners who like to have, we must continue to pay attention, we It will bring tracking reports in the first time.

Air Force No. 1 true and false map contrast

This shoe can be called the absolute classic in Nike shoes, the price is more expensive, the imitation goods are also layers

Nike Shoes Blue [123 Energently, there is a large number of high imitation versions of Nike Air Force No. 1

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panel shoes with high real materials and workmanship, it is enough to fake real, Taobao has a store with genuine prices, sold It is this high imitation shoe and the trap is very deep.

Improvement: It is easy to age, the color, the color is poor, and the shoe-type pipeline is not professional, easy to deform.

Real Edition: Nike Air Force 1 Classic Air Force Sneakers Combined with high quality upper, more smooth models and more exquisite detail, shoes

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cover can be double Brought more powerful support and durability, breathable design fully enhances the internal air circulation of the boots, helping to maintain dryness and comfort in the face.

The classic NIKE AIR air cushion is still shining, bringing you an unimaginable light cushioning and buffering protection.

Pseudo-Edition: The sole Air Logo is insufficient in short-quality plastic material, and the workmanship is very rough, not exquisite.

Real Edition: Sole Air Logo is a high-precision plastic material, which is very full and thick, and the workmanship is exquisite.

Edition: Solentian star lines work work rough rules are not perfect, and the details determine everything.

Real Edition: Sole opening die tail star line production work is very meticulous, the rules are perfect and smooth, provide sufficient durability anti-slip and grip.Synchronize counter quality.