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Undftd x kobe 5 spy photos Kobe in charge of what is going on

Recently, an undftd x kobe 5 brand new color spy photos were burst on the Internet. what on earth is it? Although I don\’t know if this new Kobe is selling, it will be sold, but

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is still a big wave in the heart of the shoe!

UNDFTD X Kobe 5 Spy photos

Nike Zoom Kobe series, after Kobe died, becoming a special way to miss the superstar. Although there are currently Kobe series products on the NIKE and the transfers platform, NIKE will be available in Kobe

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Recently, a rendering map of Undefeated X Nike Kobe 5 \\\”Rage\\\” on the network, although this style will be released, it still wants to be non-non- .

Kobe legacy is public, what is going on

Kobe Bryant\’s legacy, Vaissa Blanete said for police violations, sharing Bomi and daughter The body and the victory photo she was shocked. This behavior is unforgivable. Sad, Vanisma calls on the Los Angeles Sheriff\’s office to take the most severe penalties and will be involved in the police.

On January 26th, local time, Kobe and daughter Jianese and other seven people crashed. On the same day, Wanneshe went to the Los Angeles County Public Security Official Office, requiring the accident area as a forbidden area. And prohibit photographic reporters from entering.

The aneccoral guarantees that all measures will be taken to protect the privacy of these families. But it turns out that the privacy of the victims is still seriously violated.

Kobe Introduction

Kobe is one of the best scorers in NBA. Career wins countless awards, breakthroughs, shoot, free throws, three-pointer, he is so light, almost Without offensive blind spots, the record of 81 points in single game has proved this. In addition to crazy scores, Kobe\’s ability to organize the organizational skills and often serve as the first initiator of the team attack. In addition, Kobe is also one of the best defenders in Nike Shoes Youth

, and it is very oppressed.

On 14 April 2016, Kobe Bryant announced his retirement after the last home of Jazz. On December 19, 2017, the Lakers were at home against Warriors, and the midfield was held in two pieces of jersey in two pieces of jerseys in Two jerseys. On March 13, 2018, Kobe has an animated lanternCooperative short film \\\”Dear Basketball\\\” won the 90th Oscar Best Short Piece Award.

On January 26, 2020, Kobe was killed in California Calabasus because of the helicopter accident, only 41 years old.

Beijing time February 25 Anna and other 9 helicopter operators \\\”Island Express Holding Corp\\\” proposed a lawsuit.

Los Angeles local time January 26, 2020, Kobe and other 8 people ride a helicopter travel from the island Express Holding Group, and the aircraft crashed, 8 passengers were killed with the driver. The litigation pointed out that the helicopter operator will take off with the driver to take off under the bad weather conditions of the fog, and should have a certain responsibility for the accident. In addition, the lawsuit also revealed that the pilot Zobang, which was killed in the accident, in 2016, due to the airspace with the low visibility of the driving helicopter, and is punished by the air-tube mechanism. The US media revealed that Vannesha did not propose a specific claim amount in the lawsuit. As of February 24, local time, the defendant island Express Holding Group has not responded to the lawsuit.