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Why did Nick Waplers come to China to play Nick Young?

Recently, Nick Pop will come to China to play, attract a lot of fans, and many fans expressed their expectations. Of course, many of the friends are curious. Nick Yang wants to play Chinese because Nick Yang has

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China? After all, \\\”Yang\\\” is a big name in China! What the hell is going on? Let\’s take a look!

Why did Nick Come come to China

It is reported because NBA chose JR Smith, did not choose Nick Yang, so Nick Yang, early this year, Nick Yang It is publicly indicating that you have to come to China. His home is likely to be in Nanjing, but because of the special reasons, it has not been able to travel. If the Nick Yang successfully landed CBA, he will become the largest NBA star in the CBA existing foreign aid.

Nick Yang has China\’s bloodline?

Nik Tehu did not have Chinese bloodline, but everyone may often hear the netizens in Nick Yang\’s Chinese blood, compare Nicos Call Yangnick, to the back of the US surname, so I become Nick Yang. And before Nick Yang was talking about China\’s New Year\’s year, Yang Tao said: \\\”My surname is Yang, which represents my Chinese bloodline.\\\” So this section was transmitted by the fans.

Which ik, who came from

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The name of Nick Yang is nick young, translated is Nick Pop, in June 1985 In the 1st, I was born in Los Angeles in the United States. In 2007, I entered NBA in 2007, I have been working in the Wonderful, Clippers, 76 people, Lakers, Warriors and Nuggets and other teams, and won the Warriors in the 2017-18 season. 123] Nike womens Running Shoes

BA Championship. Later, it became a free player, and now I am very likely to sign China CBA.