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AJ32 Lennad exclusive version of the horse thorn color latest spy photos Air Jordan 32 LOW spurs coloring where to buy

Air Jordan 32 LOW Spurs coloring is AJ32 specialized for their personal exclusive boots that have been launched by their hometown, this boots are the theme of the talents, the main body is dominated by gray, likes spurs Friends can have a blessing, and the interesting network Xiaobian may not be so heavy, but it is still very optimistic about this pair of shoes

AJ32 Lennad exclusive version of the horse thorn color latest spy photos

Not much nonsense, enjoy the latest beauty

Has the AJ32 on the little cute feet

Sole body adopts the Spurs marker Sexual gray, silver, black three-color presentation, while lowering the height of the shoes, the light color is lingering, let the details of the details of the AIR Jordan 32 Low are beautiful, and the visual level is exquisite and rich

Detail design is indeed Very rich

Is it suitable for Lennad

[123 I don\’t know if there is a small partner who has a heart

Air Jordan 32 Low Spurs coloring

This pair of shoes have not announced the sale of information, but I believe in soon. In the future, I will definitely meet with us

Air Jordan 32, \\\”123]

Air Jordan 32 is listed in September 2017, as a 32nd mesh shoe of Jordan\’s Zheng Dynasty, from 2016-17 Safe NBA regular game MVP Westbrook, the shoes are equipped with the Jordan Series exclusive Flyknit structure and FLightSpeed \\u200b\\u200btechnology, which will blend the design elements from Air Jordan 2 with modern high-performance innovation techniques, which is designed to be designed. However, the exquisite exquisiteness of its cushioning system is far from the past basketball shoes. In naming, the shoe is inspired by the Italian luxury sports car. The name Rosso Corsa, where the first color classic \\\”racing\\\” colorful color is used throughout the new AIR Jordan innovation design, and the \\\”push to start\\\” in the insole is more than the eye. The pen. Inside and outside the shoe, the decorative element created by quality materials

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is further sublimated to the representative of this modern high-performance shoe.

Through the AIR Jordan XXVIII or SE version, it must be impressed with the midst of this generation of shoes, because the foot feeling can indeed use passion, but Because the bumps of the air cushion unit and the position of the air cushion are causedThe incident occurred in the package.So, this generation is in an intuitive look at the bottom of the outsole, there is no bump, and even if the air cushion is not visible.From the discussion graph circulating on the network, although it is the front and black separation zoom, but the area is not small, almost cover the position of the front palm and the rear, so even if the origin of origin is slightly different,

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also does not affect the effect of the middle.Flight Speed and carbon board

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how much changed the feeling, my weight is not big, the first time is not very intuitive to experience the air jerdan XXXi-like air cushion feedbackEffect.But after a few steps, there are some different feelings. With the bent in the middle of the walk, this center system begins to work together, and it can feel the feelings brought by the shoes.So predicting that if the real knife is spelling a ball, Air Jordan XXXII should bring more feeding

NBA presenter James\’s first show performance NBA presenter players on football shoes?

On October 1, Beijing time, in the Lakers, James staged the first show in the NBA pretext, how is the first show of the NBA preseason? What are the NBA presencing players? Let\’s go to understand.

NBA preseason, James, what is the first show

James only played 15 minutes today, 6 shots 2, 9 points 3 rebounds 3 assists, for today\’s game James is also very Satisfaction, \\\”We are going to run, from the side of the stadium to the other side, our space is good, our rhythm is also good.

This is the Lakers coach to him Evaluation, but James himself seems to be meaningless

For the first time, the first time, James\’s feelings are very good, \\\”\\\” Back to the stadium feels very good, I want to open my new journey, I can see the Lakers\’ fans here is also very happy. There are several sets of lineups, we haven\’t succumbed to see everyone\’s ability to feel very good.

NBA presencing players on foot shoes

James on the foot Nike Lebron 16 \\\”OreEo\\\”

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Bulls Pottis on the foot Ky

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Rozil on the foot Puma Clyde Court Disrupt

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Aldridge on the foot Air Jordan 33 PE

Tower上 脚 Nike Kyrie 4 \\\”Green Lobster\\\”


Koz Master\’s foot Nike Kobe 10 \\\”Easter\\\”

Durzan on the foot nike zoom kobe 1 prelude

鹈鹕 奥卡福 上 脚 Nike Pg2

Michael Kyrkrist, Jordan Superfly 2018 Hornet Color

Grip Davis on the foot Nike Air Alpha FORCEMax PE

Wade\’s foot Lining Way of Wade 7

LeBron James), was born on December 30, 1984, born in Aklen, the United States, USA, US professional basketball players, and the small forward, nickname \\\”small emperor\\\”, which is effective in the NBA Los Angeles Lakers.

James was selected by the Cleveland Knights in the first round of the NBA draft in 2003. In 2009, the most valuable player (MVP) of NBA regular season in 2010. In 2010, James transferred to the Miami Heat.

In 2012, James won the third regular game MVP, the first champion and the final MVP. And on behalf of the American men\’s basketball team, the London Olympic Games were obtained, and Michael Jordan was recorded in 1992. In 2013, James won the 4th regular match MVP

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, the second NBA champion and the second finals MVP, achieving two consecutive crops.

2014, James returned to the knight. In 2016, James led the Knight to defend the defending champion warrior to get the first championship of the team\’s first champion and personal finals MVP.

July 10, 2018, James officially launched a 4-year $ 153 million contract with the Lakers.

James basketball IQ is extremely high, breaking through sharp, with excellent vision and pass technology, is considered to be one of the most all-round players ever had history ever