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Nike Pepper spraying when selling Foamposite One pepper injection

Nike classic furd series will finally usher in a pair of colors that have been most concerned in recent months, which is this pair of Nike Air

Nike Fanny Pack for Men

Nike Fanny Pack for Men

. Habanero Red \\\”, then when Nike Pepper is sold? Let\’s go to understand.

Nike Chipi spraying

Nike chili spray color will be officially released on October 26, the price is $ 230, the domestic should be ¥ 1749 RMB.

The country should also be launched simultaneously. At present, the pre-sale price on the market is slightly lower than the sale price. We will continue to pay attention and report it in the first time!

Nike Air Foamposite One \\\”Habanero Red\\\”

Item No .: 314996-603

Offering Date: October 26


Nike Shoes Vapormax

Sold price: $ 230 / ¥ 1749 yuan

Foamposite One pepper sprayed realite appreciation

The whole double shoe with bright orange red as a main point, After special treatment, it makes it look at the gloss of a metal, and a similar feature of the furnish has always been a good popularity.

Chili spray also has changed with traditional design, classic design is in the tongue and then tongue, \\\”Foamposite\\\” words \\\”\\\”

The classic retro \\\”nike\\\” logo, the identity is more eye-catching, directly equipped with the black outsole, avoiding the harassment of oxidation!

Foamposite One pepper spray worth starting?

Xiaobian suggestions do not start


Nike Shoes Womns Black

, price Very expensive

second, not available for actual combat

Of course, it is ok to start this shoe used to press the road.