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Balenciaga stocking shoes New Year color spy photos Paris family 2018 socks suit shoes

Balenciaga hit the sock cover shoes released in the beginning of 2017, it seems to have been in hiding. At present, the Paris family explodes in 2018 will launch the Chinese New Year color stock socks, according to


The old style is mainly playing, adding a red element to the edge of the sole, let this pair of shoes The shape is quite good! Interested partners

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Let\’s take a look!

Balenciaga Sock Shoes New Year Color Spy photos

In the spring of 2017, Balenciaga swept trend circle with a burst of red socks, and successfully opened the \\\”sock shoes era\\\” belonging to Balenciaga. In this case, how can Balenciaga in 2018 be given up?

Recently, a pair of suspected Balenciaga 2018 new shoes were exposed. The high school socks are designed with thick, this is not our familiar sock shoes? Unlike the previous model, this socks are in the soles of the socks seem to have orange and half

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transparent to embellishment, which is more energetic.

At present, the official has not released information about this shoe. If you are interested, please continue to pay attention to us, bring you a letter about this pair of socks!

Balenciaga New Year Sock Suit Shoes Offers

The specific release time of this pair of shoes has not yet been announced

Interested friends can continue to pay attention Oh!

Balenciaga Socks Shoes on the foot chart

The primary condition to be a burst is that there must be a \\\”belt\\\” fashion star is fortunate, this, this pair of socks are still very powerful. of.

What is the true heart of Qi Zhilong? It is so unevenness, and he has already on his foot.

And the two matching methods are still different

Song, who is always keeping up with the fashion trend, certainly not letting this pair of socks She is mixed with VETEMENTS\’s stockings and collaboration down jackets.

The other set is also wearing it with VETEMENTS. Two brands are really a designer, when they are very harmonious together.

Tang Wei is also very powerful in the \\\”belt\\\” female star line, when the red single product will not let go, but the socks are worn at the airportIt is very reasonable, low-key and comfortable.