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You Yun 4 All-Star Color Spy photos Detail Dialect Tour Yun 4 All-Star and Christmas, Which Chinese Year is

After the Schili Hao signed the Scht, the first tour of the cloud 4PE color shoe is still concerned about many small friends. Although the shoes are short-on, although the shoes are short-lived, the overall performance is still good. Let\’s take a look at the relevant information about You Yun 4 All-Star Color. The shoes tongue printed with specially designed \\\”Beijing\\\” and \\\”Guangzhou\\\” Chinese fonts, with the elements pattern of the two cities, form a distinctive visual impact.

The largest \\\”heart\\\” of all-star game color, the urban dialect of the container collection – \\\”Wide\\\” \\\”Bright\\\” \\\”Bismassism\\\”, further sublimation of the city\’s atmosphere.

Tour Yun 4 All-Star and Christmas, Which is a good look at China

Toy cloud 4 special Christmas taste. Material and ordinary color match

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Site Shooting is hot press, the help of a very rough mesh, soft plastic or soft TPU support, the middle side It is a very hard TPU support film with unnamed technology, large and medium-end joints and exterior walls. The bottom is used as a color bottom of the gang, there is no color difference, here is good, here

China year, big red is main, the Logo part of the upper is dotted Ball, overall temperament is still very online, Ha

Tripathy is not

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The same features and style, still worthy of starting what.

帅 13 and Yunyun 4 who price is higher

At present, the price of Mai Shuai 13 in the market is about 500, and the price of You Yun 4 is also in this price. You Yun 4 uses multi-material upper, side wings TPU to strengthen the upper support and lock, crystal big bottom, shoes for footing, the gap is there. Wear-resistant estimation is not too line.帅 13 and the Si Shuai 11

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divided into two versions, one is the basic paragraph of the Lightfoam\’s midsoon technology, and one is the player version of Beng Technology. If you look at the words, you are still a better thing.