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Hayward generation joint Dragon Ball Shenlong color exposure Haverd generation and KT5, KT4 which is good

Talking about Anga\’s signature shoes sold for Hayver this year, it is also very concerned, and the designs of shoes are also very useful. The words of Xiaobian also like this design style, especially in recent time online Also exposed a pair of Dragon Ball Joint Shenlong color Haver 1 generation shoes, let\’s take a look.

Hayward generation joint Dragon Ball god

Nike Shoes with charms

Dragon color exposure

Haido Dragon Ball Dragon Theme Exposure, Dragon Scales There is a bit of a little, the color of the body is also very personal

In the details of the insole site, the purple insole plus the word of Shenlong, the design theme [123

The part of the shoe-shoe is still the edge of the leather

Dragon scales are also the highlight of this pair of shoes, one floor Design, very spectacular

Let\’s take a look, there are four stars on Dragon Ball

The design of the hook, there is a support role in the overall shoes.

Nike Dunks Women

Two god fonts in the sole, still very conspicuous, corresponding to the theme, Ha

Sea Ward Yiyi and KT5, KT4 which is good

Hayward 1 generation, feeling in hand is full of materials, no serious cheap. The foot is wrapped, and the whole is a comfortable state. No

Joyride 2 Nike Shoes

Additional hard injury! The mid-bottom is equipped with the Slope Technology of Flashfoam. The soil 12 of the Zoom gas cushion can be compared, and the foot is still very good.

Xiaobian thinks that the biggest feature on the appearance of KT5 is the upper lace, first, regardless of the actual performance, the upper improvement is great for the appearance, and the KT5 after the feet has other shoes. Little \\\”uniform feelings\\\”. Comparing the previous generation KT4 used high-top design, the upper adoption of A-Web technology, but although there is no significant impressive feeling in actual combat, the overall package is not so ideally.

If you choose in these three pairs of shoes, Xiaobian feels that Hayward and KT5 are good choices.

How to evaluate Hayward

Hayward is a great three-bit in the second ten-year small forward in the 21st century.

Enter the early stage of NBA, defined is 3D classType players, this is very similar to Kawaii and Pepper, so the early three-pointer is quite good. And the height of 203, the weight is 220 pounds, the standard heavy-duty small forward body, plus technology is comprehensive, the ball is simple, the Brandon Roy inside the small forward, but although it is white, the physical quality is good, may be NBA active The body is the strongest white.

So, in the late jazz career, the ball is gradually turned into a ball and the ball, and the defense has been good enough. Whether it is resistant to the ball or the ability of the ball, or to fight enthusiasm They are all multiplied. So the back of jazz career, he is already with Kawaii, and the pickled pepper is the same level of attack and defense.

2017 is transferred to the green army. It should be used as a team to go to the auxiliary team. However, after the reimbursement of the season, the discomfort of the play after returning, the decline in explosive power, leads to now only a good one That is, the level of power, not strong small forward (encountered that major injury, can return to the season)

So, Hayward has always been an impact of data and competition The strength is quite good, but in the green army, he suffered a career Waterloo.