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James 17 Chamele Dragon Color Color Offering Information James 17 All-round Evaluation

James NBA\’s evergreen, even if the age of 34 can also play gorgeous data like 20 years old, there is a recent news that James 17th generation, who is only released, has received a lot of fans, recently online A new color of James 17, chameleon

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Color, follow the Xiaobian to see it.

Lebron 17 chameleon HD substance appreciation

The first feeling of this shoe is

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, this ball shoes still continues the previous James series of shoes Big, give people a particularly heavy, this shoe is made of black KnitPosite upper. The lion pattern of the tongue symbolizes him, still the proud of the sky. It is especially deep. The identity is extremely high.

The gray pattern of the shoe bumps, the color of this shoe, also corresponds to the skin color of this changing dragon, and the rear portion of the sole also has the words of the Ames. There is also a sign logo representing the James signature series in the lace section.

Lebron 17 Chameleon Color Color Offering Information and Review

This James 17 official release time is November, this James 17 chameleon is released The price is $ 200. James\’s fans can look forward to this chameleon.

Nike Lebron 17 \\\”Currency\\\”

Online Date: November 2019

Offers: $ 200

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Lebron 17 evaluation

Upper wrap 6 points

User support 9 points

50 points in the middle

Mid-bottom feedback 6 points

Protection 8 points

anti-twisting 8 points

grip 9 points

Overall stability 6 points [ 123]

Overall support 8 points

Value 8 points

What are the expectations of James? Many people have questioned whether the three-year-old man is really old. At the lunar team trades from the Pelican team, we will see the all-star big front stri Dai Visters, and recombine the coach group. The purpose is to wanted to win the championship. 1 Many fans are also looking forward to what is the combination of James and Antoni Vivis?Spend.2 Can James lead the Lakers stand out from the west.3 Can James adapt to the 1st position.These are all expectations of fans.