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361 ° Gordon generation ball shot spy photos exposure, look forward to!

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Revolution 5 Nike Shoes

What is the shoes? How is the specific situation, there is not much to say, let Xiaobian lead everyone together to see it!

361 ° Gordon Generation Ball Spyding Exposure

This new balloon is exposed by 361 chief designer Weibo, the small editorial test is likely to make [ 123] AIR Forces Womens Nike

AG1 SAMPLE, but the official information has not been announced. Only from the color of the microblog, AG1 is definitely available in several color, everyone may wish to look forward to this new color!

361 ° Gordon generation shoes worth looking forward to?

Although the shoes are not 361 strength, but overall 361 this new Gordon generation Bronkeals are still quite worth looking forward to. First, 361 is a big brand in our country, and it is relatively cost-effective and worth buying. The focus is that he is not expensive, and ordinary citizens can bear. Running shoes are very light, very comfortable, or ok.

361 ° basketball shoes

The price of the basketball shoes in 361 can be found, the ordinary people can accept, 361 price is about 300-400, However, compared to domestic Li Ning, there is still a certain progress and growth space, the package of the foot is general, the shoes are a bit like a stone, and the damping is basically the insole. But still you can look forward to the growth of 361!

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