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Sesame Yeezy 350 V2 Off Information Determine Coconut 350 Sesame Color Volume Surgers?

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Eezy\’s hot sale, there has been no coconut ball shoes that have been launched \\\”grounding\\\”. However, recently, a sesame colorful Yeezy ball shoe is full of \\\”Great Grate\\\”, which is very attractive. So this sesame colorful Yeezy shoes is big? When is sesame Yeezy350 for sale? Let\’s take a look!

YEEZY 350 BOOST V2 Sesame Color Table

Tan, MoonRock, etc. in Yeezy, MoonRock, etc. Unique

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, also exceptional and dirty.

This pair of \\\”sesame\\\” color reproduces the same soil, simple, and also brought the first \\\”Made Great Ground\\\” to Yeezy 350 Boost V2 footwear.

The outer floor uses two-color material splicing, and the decorative effect of raw colors is also very eye-catching.

YEEZY 350 BOOST V2 Sesame Color Quantity?

There is currently do not know this coloring volume.

YEEZY 350 Boost V2 Although it is ushered in the \\\”re-incompatibility\\\” of zebra and yellow zebras, it is still difficult to buy relatively sufficient.

Adidas CEO said in an interview that new shoe type and new color matching are still not easy to start.

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ST V2 Sesame Color Offering Information

This new shoe is determined to formally on November 23 Release.


Item No .: F99710

Offer date: November 23

Offers: $ 220 / ¥ 1899 RMB