Sesame Yeezy 350 V2 Off Information Determine Coconut 350 Sesame Color Volume Surgers?

Since pure white y

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Eezy\’s hot sale, there has been no coconut ball shoes that have been launched \\\”grounding\\\”. However, recently, a sesame colorful Yeezy ball shoe is full of \\\”Great Grate\\\”, which is very attractive. So this sesame colorful Yeezy shoes is big? When is sesame Yeezy350 for sale? Let\’s take a look!

YEEZY 350 BOOST V2 Sesame Color Table

Tan, MoonRock, etc. in Yeezy, MoonRock, etc. Unique

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, also exceptional and dirty.

This pair of \\\”sesame\\\” color reproduces the same soil, simple, and also brought the first \\\”Made Great Ground\\\” to Yeezy 350 Boost V2 footwear.

The outer floor uses two-color material splicing, and the decorative effect of raw colors is also very eye-catching.

YEEZY 350 BOOST V2 Sesame Color Quantity?

There is currently do not know this coloring volume.

YEEZY 350 Boost V2 Although it is ushered in the \\\”re-incompatibility\\\” of zebra and yellow zebras, it is still difficult to buy relatively sufficient.

Adidas CEO said in an interview that new shoe type and new color matching are still not easy to start.

Nike Air Forces

ST V2 Sesame Color Offering Information

This new shoe is determined to formally on November 23 Release.


Item No .: F99710

Offer date: November 23

Offers: $ 220 / ¥ 1899 RMB

NBA presenter James\’s first show performance NBA presenter players on football shoes?

On October 1, Beijing time, in the Lakers, James staged the first show in the NBA pretext, how is the first show of the NBA preseason? What are the NBA presencing players? Let\’s go to understand.

NBA preseason, James, what is the first show

James only played 15 minutes today, 6 shots 2, 9 points 3 rebounds 3 assists, for today\’s game James is also very Satisfaction, \\\”We are going to run, from the side of the stadium to the other side, our space is good, our rhythm is also good.

This is the Lakers coach to him Evaluation, but James himself seems to be meaningless

For the first time, the first time, James\’s feelings are very good, \\\”\\\” Back to the stadium feels very good, I want to open my new journey, I can see the Lakers\’ fans here is also very happy. There are several sets of lineups, we haven\’t succumbed to see everyone\’s ability to feel very good.

NBA presencing players on foot shoes

James on the foot Nike Lebron 16 \\\”OreEo\\\”

Nike Hoodies for BOYS

Bulls Pottis on the foot Ky

Nike Shoes PNG


Rozil on the foot Puma Clyde Court Disrupt

[ 123]

Aldridge on the foot Air Jordan 33 PE

Tower上 脚 Nike Kyrie 4 \\\”Green Lobster\\\”


Koz Master\’s foot Nike Kobe 10 \\\”Easter\\\”

Durzan on the foot nike zoom kobe 1 prelude

鹈鹕 奥卡福 上 脚 Nike Pg2

Michael Kyrkrist, Jordan Superfly 2018 Hornet Color

Grip Davis on the foot Nike Air Alpha FORCEMax PE

Wade\’s foot Lining Way of Wade 7

LeBron James), was born on December 30, 1984, born in Aklen, the United States, USA, US professional basketball players, and the small forward, nickname \\\”small emperor\\\”, which is effective in the NBA Los Angeles Lakers.

James was selected by the Cleveland Knights in the first round of the NBA draft in 2003. In 2009, the most valuable player (MVP) of NBA regular season in 2010. In 2010, James transferred to the Miami Heat.

In 2012, James won the third regular game MVP, the first champion and the final MVP. And on behalf of the American men\’s basketball team, the London Olympic Games were obtained, and Michael Jordan was recorded in 1992. In 2013, James won the 4th regular match MVP

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, the second NBA champion and the second finals MVP, achieving two consecutive crops.

2014, James returned to the knight. In 2016, James led the Knight to defend the defending champion warrior to get the first championship of the team\’s first champion and personal finals MVP.

July 10, 2018, James officially launched a 4-year $ 153 million contract with the Lakers.

James basketball IQ is extremely high, breaking through sharp, with excellent vision and pass technology, is considered to be one of the most all-round players ever had history ever

Coconut 350v3 how to sell coconut basketball shoes how to play

Coconut is the most expecting color color should be the transparent paragraph, because it is so good, recently exposed the news of the coconut 350v3, then when is the coconut 350v3 offer? Let\’s go to understand.

When is the coconut 350v3?

US News: Yeezy Boost 350 V3 is beginning to sell, is known from the US website, I don\’t know if it is true or false, please stay tuned together. .

There is currently no physical map

How to play in coconut basketball shoes

Before you close the social media, he

NIKE Air Jordan 1

The most suggested is undoubtedly the upcoming Yeezy basketball shoes. Prior to this, Yeezy\’s shoes were running shoes or \\\”old shoes\\\”, never launch basketball shoes. So this pair of Yeezy basketball shoes must also be very useful, many times in INS, after all, if you can log in to the NBA, you will definitely let the heat come up with a floor!

However, once the sun, it was \\\”headed\\\”: NBA or the Yeezy basketball shoes appeared on the game, because the shoes are strong

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3M reflective effect. NBA\’s \\\”Delivery\\\” can be said to be a big feature, although the next new season has already relaxed standard, you can do not have to use the colorless shoes with the jersey, but given the 3M reflective shoes will affect the broadcast and player\’s sight, so yeezy Basketball shoes are very likely to be banned!

It is banned that it means that the Yeezy basketball shoes \\\”will die first\\\”? That is not necessarily. Speaking of the ban on basketball shoes, the most famous definitely is the year Air Jordan 1 \\\”banned\\\”. At that time, Nike used \\\”ban\\\”

NIKE P-6000 shoes

color as a head, directly for propaganda ball shoes, The effect of gets everyone is obvious. Now Yeezy is also very likely to get \\\”forbidden\\\” color, which is undoubtedly a more direct propaganda. Even NBA is prohibited: Do you still have to see what is this pair of shoes? (PS but also closed social accounts, so that this pair of shoes \\\”Shenlong see the end\\\”, more attractive.)

Yeezy basketball shoes, feet, do you have?

The value is still very high, the footwear is not bloated

Sumber is still looking forward to the actual performance of this pair of coconut basketball shoes, looking forward to hurrying the market

[ 123]

Why is NBA prohibited players from playing in the upper feet Yeezy ball shoes coconut basketball shoes real detail appreciation

The NBA preseason has started to start the first show. I don\’t know if everyone is satisfied. The most

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near NBA announced a message to ban the player. Yeezy shoes, why? Let\’s go to understand.

NBA Why No Player Competition is in the upper feet Yeezy ball

October 2


Japan reports according to NBA reporter Nick Depaula, multiple sources revealed that The NBA office will prohibit players from on the game, Yeezy basketball shoes, because their foot followed by 3M reflective material.

Sonbed, although the Alliance Office has not officially received samples from new Yeezy basketball shoes, if the physical and online public photos, the alliance will not pass. If the reflective material is canceled,

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may be licensed.

The new season players do not need to wear a ball shoe that matches the color of jerseys, but the alliance still needs to review all brand new shoes.

\\\”Yeezy basketball shoes real details\\\”

The upper is spliced \\u200b\\u200bfrom a variety of materials, and the translucent mesh is also appeared in this new basketball shoes. In the middle, the lines of the whole double shoe and the texture are not small in the Yeezy series design style, and the identity is extremely high.

After the stitching of light gray, dark gray and black, the light gray part also uses 3M reflective material, with super reflective effects, it can really be bright after the foot, And such a 3m lighting detail is actually spreading in the body,

YEEZY basketball shoes on the foot?

The value of the upper feet is still very High, footwear is not bloated

Xiaobian is still looking forward to the actual performance of this pair of coconut basketball shoes, looking forward to hurrying the market

Letter brother 1 gray orange color release information letter brother 1 gray orange coloring physical appreciation

With the last season of the race, the star playing the star. At the same time, I also won the MVP of last season regular season. At the same time, Nike has signed success with this MVP this summer and will have a signature ball for himself. Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian! Nike Running Shoes

Substrate, light blue translucent outsole outline. The entire shoes are very breathable.

The exclusive sign of the tongue and the 34LOGO of the shoes were embedded in coral orange. This shoe has a steady color matching. The most important thing is that this shoe does not have him trouble.

Letters 1 gray orange color release information

It is reported that the official release date of this letter brother 1 coral orange color color is officially released on November 15, and the offer is $ 120. Like the letter brother or feel that this shoe is very suitable for yourself, friends, friends, may wish to look forward to it.


Nike Shoes Canada

Item No .: BQ5422-002

Offering Date: November 15

Offering price:

Nike Jordans for Women

Letter brother generation evaluation

wrap resistance: half an inner boots There are two flying lines above the front palm to lock the front palm (I belong to the thin shape) and the sponge is very good, and the parcel is very good.

Support: In static, the anti-side of the back and forefoot is a good sense of security, and the upper is similar to the fabric of plastic, and the two pairs of flying also have a good support. I don\’t know how the actual combat will.

anti-side turn: Previously, the blogger can easily fold the shoes, the domestic version is not (maybe the new shoes are not dare to force), and the left and right are not twisted, and the side guard side Turning can give people a sense of security under static.

Capitality: After the light jump, the double layer zoom is not given a stunning feeling (LZ light weight), the fat dragon in the palm is a soft bomb.

Grizzling: Don\’t slip in the tile floor, it is not so strong after a slight action, it is a powerful feeling.

Summary: In general, the letter song generation is still veryIt is worth starting, whether it is actual combat or pressing road, is a good choice.

Wade 7 Joint Rick Ross Spypes Wow7 X Rick Ross Offers Information

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Remember the previous Xiaobian to report the joint name of Rick Ross and Li Ning King Road, recently, online exploding of Wade\’s Road 7 joint photos, shoes There is a big crown on the body, watching or domineering, let\’s take a look at the information about the Wade of 7 joint RICK ROSS spy photos.

Wade\’s road 7 joint Rick Ross spy photos

See the first eye of this pair, I believe everyone will be attracted by the huge crown of the following. This is the design of Wade 7. The body of the body is dressed in black, and the unique fabric is created, and wearing a snake pattern, adding a wild atmosphere.

Nearly enjoy

Nike Training Shoes Women

Side Crown Detail

Soads have more The golden embellishment, the inner lining is more like a iconic purple devil fish texture, and the whole style is gorgeous and exaggerated.

WOW7 X RICK ROSS Offer Information

The official information about this pair of WOW7 X RICK ROSS is not announced, but it can be determined that these double-joint shoes The money will be released, everyone will come to look forward to it.

Let\’s appreciate the relevant physical map of the Wu Dao 2 ACE, Joint Rick Ross, first exposed is black gold color

There is also a pair of red

[ 123]

Wow7 and Owen 5 Which

Wade\’s road 7 is all comfortable, the palm is more comfortable than the foreardem, but the overall focus is high but steady, the texture can be said to be hung Basketball shoes, it\’s right, hanging, but breathable.

Ou Wen 5 breaks the defender, focusing on the front palm, is a pair of shoes specializing in the defender,

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in the package is good.

The problem does not say to play and weigh, and it can\’t say which pair is suitable. Anyway, these two pairs of shoes are good.

Adidas Ozweego Tech latest coloring adidas ozweego sci-fi silver is about to be released

Adidas Ozweego

Nike Texh

combines the convergence of vintage elements and avant-garde concept, using technology cloth, suede leather and semi-transparent catheter design, letting the whole double shoes

Nike Shoes for Girls 10 Years [ 123] At the same time, there is retro and technology, and handsome and type! A launch was loved by the majority of users. The latest colorful TECH sci-fi silver, the upcoming sale, is also a sense of domineering, catching

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followed by Xiaobian!

Adidas Ozweego Tech Introduction Analysis

Shoe as shown in Figure

The above-mentioned pure gray adjustment and silver white color decoration Whole Sole

With the retro shoe type of Ozweego itself, its overall appearance design and color pattern of the shoes can be considered one of the necessary shoes that are in the absence of the street

The upper use of glossy special materials, which makes it more schematic in complex shoe type.

Adidas Ozweego Tech

Item No .: FU7646

Offering Date: October 26

Off Price: $ 140

Item No .: Fu7644

Offering Date: October 26

Offer price: $ 140

Is the adidas ozwwego tech value not worth starting?

Adidas Originals Ozweego design is inspired by Ozweego 3 from the 190s due to the exterior and functionality of featured, and in recent years, under the influence of fashion designer Raf Simons, it is dominated by Adidas. ORIGINALS BY RAF SIMONS series, in addition to thoroughly fired Ozweego 3, indirect ignited Ozweego that is born in this year.

Take out the design focus of Ozweego, the most eye-catching part is the half-transparent conduit that runs through the shoes, is the less configuration in the current shoe design, and cooperate with leather Material shoes, exceptIn addition to a strong sense of visual conflict, there is a kind of visual sense of future and retro consolidation, and the splicing upper shoes also match the color of the color, showing the eye-catching retro and future coexistence, eachThe style can be easily controlled!

AJ1 MID Leopard Color Offering Information Air Jordan 1 MID Leopard Color How much

AJ1 has released a lot of color colors today, and also returns a lot of popular OG\’s first year color, but the price makes many people look, this upcoming Air Jordan 1 MID SE color color is very good, released It is also very close, interested partners, hurry to look at Xiaobian!

The shoe body is built with a leopard pattern, and the suede material is used, more themes

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style, the shoe and the upper side are black-tensioned, adding a bit of calm, with white Swoosh, making this pair of shoes extra eye.

The medium is used to use pure white design, echoing Swoosh hue, the flying wing logo on the upper side of the leopard fish, add a mysterious view.

AIR Jordan 1 MID SE How much

This AJ1 MID SE is on the official website to go online, release price

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¥ 799 RMB , Have a favorite small partner hurry up!

AJ1 MID What is the meaning


Nike Compression Shorts Men

AJ1MID is a middle version of AJ1, It has eight lace holes, while AJ1 has 9 lace holes. Although all the shoes of AJ, it is actually a much lower price of AJ1MID than the AJ1 series.

Most of the AJ1 that usually said is AJ1 HIGH, with 9 lace holes, it is high-top basketball shoes, and is also a star product in AJ.

AJ12 \\\”Reverse Taxi Black Gold Color Offering Information AJ12\\\” Reverse Taxi Black Gold Rework

AIR Jordan series of shoes are not loved by the fans. Just in recent days, there is a new color of the 12th-generation ball shoes of Air Jordan, who is about to meet with the fans, who is it. Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian to see the anti-button black gold color matching of this Air Jordan12 together.


Nike Air Force 1

DAN 12 \\\”Reverse Taxi Repacks Black gold color high-definition\\\”

The whole body of this shoe is tone in black as a tone Body. The 线 分 分 分 分, 皮 皮 明 皮 皮 皮 材 明 更 使 更 更 更 更 更 更 明 更 更 明 更 明 更 更 明 明 明 显 明 明 明 明 明 明 明 显 显 显 显 显 显 显 显 显 显 显 显. In the tongue part, we can see that the top of the tongue is still a flying logo embroidery, and in the middle of the tongue, we can see the embroidery of Tow3. Tongly people logo and the red flying man of the front palm part And the black shoe showed great contrast. But this color color is also very popular.

Side partial display

[123 ] Air Jordan 12 \\\”Reverse Taxi Reversed Black Gold Color Offering Information

The release information of this anti-buckle black gold has been officially announced, the official delivery time of this shoe is October 31, the sale price is 190 Dollar. Friends who like this shoe may wish to wait a few days. The middle gang design of this shoe

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and black color matching are ideal for the present season. It is also very good at fashion and match.

Reverses AIR Jordan 12 \\\”Reverse Taxi\\\” Item No .: 130690-017 Offering Date: October 31 Release Price: $ 190

AJ12\’s foot feel How to

AJ12 is Nike first double built-in full-time pad and basketball shoes combined with carbon bobes, and carbon boards can support the role of the shoes, and the whole upper upper is more supported. A whole gas cushion can better alleviate the huge pressure of sudden movements to the foot, but the newbie 12 will be unaccustomed. Recommend AJ4 or soldiers 10 or apostles and EP

Air Force No. 1 Latest Color Spider Information Star Pattern + Point Element AF1 Offer Information

The latest color of the Air Force broke out, the whole double shoes were designing Bluemat, the whole pair of air force 1 low, was very amazing, born in 1982 Air Force, is a one-pair of super old artillery Ball shoes, after 37 years of test, still one of the most beautiful shoes. Next, you will take a look at you!

The latest color spy photos of the Air Force

Inside and outside the silver part, there is a very fresh visual experience.

White main color is transferred, the side of the card is mixed with metal silver decoration, and the khaki part is applied to the stars pattern decoration

Swoosh logo also adopted Silver decoration, followed by a patent leather gradually red effect, it is reported that it is likely to be designed for girls.

Air Force No. 1 latest color collection information

There is currently no specific offer information of this new color match, and the small partners who like to have, we must continue to pay attention, we It will bring tracking reports in the first time.

Air Force No. 1 true and false map contrast

This shoe can be called the absolute classic in Nike shoes, the price is more expensive, the imitation goods are also layers

Nike Shoes Blue [123 Energently, there is a large number of high imitation versions of Nike Air Force No. 1

Nike Sweatpants Women

panel shoes with high real materials and workmanship, it is enough to fake real, Taobao has a store with genuine prices, sold It is this high imitation shoe and the trap is very deep.

Improvement: It is easy to age, the color, the color is poor, and the shoe-type pipeline is not professional, easy to deform.

Real Edition: Nike Air Force 1 Classic Air Force Sneakers Combined with high quality upper, more smooth models and more exquisite detail, shoes

Nike skate Shoes Men

cover can be double Brought more powerful support and durability, breathable design fully enhances the internal air circulation of the boots, helping to maintain dryness and comfort in the face.

The classic NIKE AIR air cushion is still shining, bringing you an unimaginable light cushioning and buffering protection.

Pseudo-Edition: The sole Air Logo is insufficient in short-quality plastic material, and the workmanship is very rough, not exquisite.

Real Edition: Sole Air Logo is a high-precision plastic material, which is very full and thick, and the workmanship is exquisite.

Edition: Solentian star lines work work rough rules are not perfect, and the details determine everything.

Real Edition: Sole opening die tail star line production work is very meticulous, the rules are perfect and smooth, provide sufficient durability anti-slip and grip.Synchronize counter quality.