NIKE VAPORMAX PLUS gradient blue color spy photos Share Nike VAPORMAX PLUS \\\”Electric Blue\\\” Good-looking?

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Vapormax Plus, from the name, it can be seen in the VAPORMAX series, since the Vapormax Plus series, it has been widely concerned by the sweathers, recently, one The new gradient blue color spy photos are exposed online, and interested small partners will come together to see you with Xiaobian.

Nike Vapormax Plus gradient blue color spy photos

Xiaobian\’s personal thinking, this may be the most cool pair of color in the NIKE VAPORMAX PLUS series, should be a colorful color Let\’s have any interest.

The latest \\\”Electric Blue\\\” colorful Vapormax Plus design will be

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Air Max Plus unique \\\”Wave\\\” bracket integration into gradient blue upper Among them, it is equipped with a dark blue midsole and Vapormax full palm mats echoing the upper.

NIKE VAPORMAX PLUS Gradient Blue Off Information

At present, the official has not announced the specific offer information of this pair of shoes, and the favorite small partners can continue to pay attention to our Q6U\’s latest news.

NIKE VAPORMAX PLUS Other color matching

The new \\\”Olive\\\” color design. The new version will combine with the AIR MAX PLUS of the Unique Tropical Road with the Air Vapormax signature air cushion to create a strong retro visual effect. Plus olive green embellishment, and the blessing of metal parts in the medium and foot, there are more functional tastes.

Nike Vapormax Plus brand new \\\”Triple Grey\\\” color. The body design is the air max plus shoe body with a unique ripple. The classic and innovation have collided with a strong visual spark again. Silver gray blessings have added noble temperament and good texture.

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Air Match \\\”Triple White\\\”, design AIR MAX PLUS as prototype combined with Vapormax air cushion soles, while retaining Air Max Plus Classic corrugated tape, the whole is presented with pure white, clean and neat. Delete traditional shoes tongue design, change into oneMedical stock socks suit, believes that foot feelings will be better.And add a ripple bracket of the TPU material on both sides of the body, and finally equipped with the Vapormax air cushion.