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AJ9 black color color sale? AIR Jordan 9 \\\”Bred\\\” March sale

Jordan\’s AJ9 series, in the end of 2017, it was a fire. He was exposed to several colors, so that many AJ9 shoes were excited, recently, another pair of black colorful AJ9 exposed online. And this pair of release days are also close, and the shoes are coming to see how this Air Jordan 9 \\\”BRED\\\” is.

AJ9 black red color matching?

Have to say, the basketball shoes in the patent leather, it looks beautiful, this pair of AJ9 looks better than the suede.

The overall shoe is made up of pure black, the upper is made of high-quality leather with patent leather, and the details are added to the red ornament, and one of the most popular color colors of the Air Jordan series. AJ9 is coming to everyone.

Even the soles are black and red, or the familiar soles, AJ

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9 fans like it!

AIR Jordan 9 \\\”BRED\\\” offer information

Shoes will be available on March 10 in designated Jordan Brand shop and, the sale price is $ 190, like a small partner continues to pay attention.

AJ9 series

Mens Nike Socks

Air Jordan 9 is the shoe launched after Jordan\’s first retirement. Different from the past, this Tinker Hatfield design is based on the world, with minimalism, simple and generous, the largest

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, the foundation is in English, Chinese and Japanese pattern texture expresss \\\”world\\\”, with the earth logo with followed, echoes the topic of the diversified world.

AJ9 is very beautiful, especially the black bright side and the red flying LOGO on the sole, very bright. Shoes use a fast lace device, in fact, plastic slippery + round laces, easy to be tensioned. Side of the sole is hard, but it is still good, no matter whether it is indoor or outdoor. The shoes are high, coupled with the existence of inner boots, and the ankle after the tension lace is very comfortable.

AIR Jordan 9 can see the world of worldwide, Jordan is not only the hero of the American worship, and people all over the world are fascinated by his god. .

Balenciaga stocking shoes New Year color spy photos Paris family 2018 socks suit shoes

Balenciaga hit the sock cover shoes released in the beginning of 2017, it seems to have been in hiding. At present, the Paris family explodes in 2018 will launch the Chinese New Year color stock socks, according to


The old style is mainly playing, adding a red element to the edge of the sole, let this pair of shoes The shape is quite good! Interested partners

NIKE H Shoes

Let\’s take a look!

Balenciaga Sock Shoes New Year Color Spy photos

In the spring of 2017, Balenciaga swept trend circle with a burst of red socks, and successfully opened the \\\”sock shoes era\\\” belonging to Balenciaga. In this case, how can Balenciaga in 2018 be given up?

Recently, a pair of suspected Balenciaga 2018 new shoes were exposed. The high school socks are designed with thick, this is not our familiar sock shoes? Unlike the previous model, this socks are in the soles of the socks seem to have orange and half

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transparent to embellishment, which is more energetic.

At present, the official has not released information about this shoe. If you are interested, please continue to pay attention to us, bring you a letter about this pair of socks!

Balenciaga New Year Sock Suit Shoes Offers

The specific release time of this pair of shoes has not yet been announced

Interested friends can continue to pay attention Oh!

Balenciaga Socks Shoes on the foot chart

The primary condition to be a burst is that there must be a \\\”belt\\\” fashion star is fortunate, this, this pair of socks are still very powerful. of.

What is the true heart of Qi Zhilong? It is so unevenness, and he has already on his foot.

And the two matching methods are still different

Song, who is always keeping up with the fashion trend, certainly not letting this pair of socks She is mixed with VETEMENTS\’s stockings and collaboration down jackets.

The other set is also wearing it with VETEMENTS. Two brands are really a designer, when they are very harmonious together.

Tang Wei is also very powerful in the \\\”belt\\\” female star line, when the red single product will not let go, but the socks are worn at the airportIt is very reasonable, low-key and comfortable.

When AJ1 \\\”6 rings\\\” is released from AJ1 \\\”6 rings\\\” physical spy photos

Recently AJ1 exposed a new color color, known as \\\”6 rings\\\”, this pair of shoes have also become the most uncomfortable color match by many industries, after all, this color and black toe \\\”breed TOE\\\” almost Same, the only difference is Nike\’s Swoosh L

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OGO and the outsole color becomes red. So, how is this coloring performance, when is it for sale? Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian with interestfall!

How is AJ1 \\\”6 rins\\\”

According to rumors, 2018 is Jordan Brand\’s high yield. We have introduced you, this year, Jordan Brand will push

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from 30 AIR Jordan I new color, and earlier \\\”Bred TOE\\\”, the \\\”shadow\\\”, And \\\”Game Royal\\\”, etc. After the first exposure, the well-known INS\’s well-known bag broke the newspaper has brought another new color \\\”6 rings\\\” spy photos.

This pair of AIR Jordan 1 \\\”6 rings\\\” is basically consistent with the \\\”Bred Toe\\\” routine, but will only be in

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\\\”black toe\\\” color basis Swoosh logo and the outer floor replaced with red. In addition, the material that follows is also likely to change. See this design, Xiaobian just wants to say a sentence, the money is also troubles with you!

AJ1 \\\”6 rings\\\” spy photos

This just exposed AIR Jordan 1 \\\”6rings\\\” is inspired by a flying man in Chicago Bulls, will Jordan Xi loved playing cards above the insoles, the three-color creative of the shoe body, white, red, complement to the grinding leather blessing, the overall atmosphere and classic \\\”black toes\\\”, the upper foot effect is also good!

Do you think it is Air Jordan \\\”least worry\\\” design? Do you still think about it? Let\’s talk about the following review areas and Xiaobian!

When AJ1 \\\”6 rings\\\” is released

At present, there is no market information about this shoe, and the boss of interest can continue to pay attention. Flow network.

AJ32 Lennad exclusive version of the horse thorn color latest spy photos Air Jordan 32 LOW spurs coloring where to buy

Air Jordan 32 LOW Spurs coloring is AJ32 specialized for their personal exclusive boots that have been launched by their hometown, this boots are the theme of the talents, the main body is dominated by gray, likes spurs Friends can have a blessing, and the interesting network Xiaobian may not be so heavy, but it is still very optimistic about this pair of shoes

AJ32 Lennad exclusive version of the horse thorn color latest spy photos

Not much nonsense, enjoy the latest beauty

Has the AJ32 on the little cute feet

Sole body adopts the Spurs marker Sexual gray, silver, black three-color presentation, while lowering the height of the shoes, the light color is lingering, let the details of the details of the AIR Jordan 32 Low are beautiful, and the visual level is exquisite and rich

Detail design is indeed Very rich

Is it suitable for Lennad

[123 I don\’t know if there is a small partner who has a heart

Air Jordan 32 Low Spurs coloring

This pair of shoes have not announced the sale of information, but I believe in soon. In the future, I will definitely meet with us

Air Jordan 32, \\\”123]

Air Jordan 32 is listed in September 2017, as a 32nd mesh shoe of Jordan\’s Zheng Dynasty, from 2016-17 Safe NBA regular game MVP Westbrook, the shoes are equipped with the Jordan Series exclusive Flyknit structure and FLightSpeed \\u200b\\u200btechnology, which will blend the design elements from Air Jordan 2 with modern high-performance innovation techniques, which is designed to be designed. However, the exquisite exquisiteness of its cushioning system is far from the past basketball shoes. In naming, the shoe is inspired by the Italian luxury sports car. The name Rosso Corsa, where the first color classic \\\”racing\\\” colorful color is used throughout the new AIR Jordan innovation design, and the \\\”push to start\\\” in the insole is more than the eye. The pen. Inside and outside the shoe, the decorative element created by quality materials

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is further sublimated to the representative of this modern high-performance shoe.

Through the AIR Jordan XXVIII or SE version, it must be impressed with the midst of this generation of shoes, because the foot feeling can indeed use passion, but Because the bumps of the air cushion unit and the position of the air cushion are causedThe incident occurred in the package.So, this generation is in an intuitive look at the bottom of the outsole, there is no bump, and even if the air cushion is not visible.From the discussion graph circulating on the network, although it is the front and black separation zoom, but the area is not small, almost cover the position of the front palm and the rear, so even if the origin of origin is slightly different,

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also does not affect the effect of the middle.Flight Speed and carbon board

Nike Vapormax

how much changed the feeling, my weight is not big, the first time is not very intuitive to experience the air jerdan XXXi-like air cushion feedbackEffect.But after a few steps, there are some different feelings. With the bent in the middle of the walk, this center system begins to work together, and it can feel the feelings brought by the shoes.So predicting that if the real knife is spelling a ball, Air Jordan XXXII should bring more feeding

PG2 Thunder Color Spy photos Sharing NIKE Paul Second Generation Dark Blue Shop

Since PG1 fire, I believe that many small partners are full of expectations. I have exposed PG2 design in PG2. Now, the physical spy photos of the first pair of PG2 finally came to everyone, this pair PG2 with Thunder color is quite good, and interested partners come and see it with Xiaobian.

PG2 Thunder Color Spy photos

This is the exposed PG2 Thunder color spy photos, many small partners said that there is no PG1, Q6U, I feel that the so-called \\\”Robee has love \\\”, Maybe some small partners will feel that PG2 is better.

The shoes are inspired by Thunder, and the dark blue upper uses a reinforcing mesh material, plus blue

Nike Soccer Ball

Nike Soccer Ball

Suede, with marble line-like white orange, perfect echoing the theme. At its lace and the middle, it is printed with a iconic Nike Swoosh. The Paul exclusive logo, the orange color scheme is embellished above its tongue.

PG2 Thunder Color Offering Information

Currently, this two Thunder color match has not released the sale of information, and interested small partners can continue to pay attention to Q6U\’s latest news.

NIKE PG series

2014 \\\”broken leg\\\” injured event shocked the basket, but this did not defeat him, after the cultivation of the year, he returned. In 2017, Nike officially launched the signature shoes Nike PG 1, the designer Tony Hardman learned from George\’s favorite shoes Nike Zoom Crusader, using a concise line to create a pair of different shoes, messenger Leather material stitching synthesized shoe body full of texture, fish squamous road with sole, the buckle buoy shape design is inspired by George\’s largest personal hobby – fishing.

Flywire dynamic flying lines in the body provide very good parcels and stability for the shoe shoe, which uses PHYLON foam plus front palm Zoom AIR air cushion. Bring a light and rebellion

Terminator 1 Nike Shoes

effect, the 3M reflective strip design in the back of the balloon means that his famous injured incident, the price of the shoes itself is not Expensive, cost-effective is quite good. 2016-2017 season,

Nike Shoes Women Air Max

Georgia was cut off 23.7 points 6.6 rebound 3.3 assists, led the pedestrians into the playoffs, but eventually lost James, Owen led the knight, hate First round.

This pair of PG2 adopts inner boots, increasing its wrapping, making the feel more comfortable.In terms of configuration, this PG 2 did not have special surprises, still using a single core Zoom Air design.

NIKE VAPORMAX PLUS gradient blue color spy photos Share Nike VAPORMAX PLUS \\\”Electric Blue\\\” Good-looking?

Nike Shoes 270 Womens

Vapormax Plus, from the name, it can be seen in the VAPORMAX series, since the Vapormax Plus series, it has been widely concerned by the sweathers, recently, one The new gradient blue color spy photos are exposed online, and interested small partners will come together to see you with Xiaobian.

Nike Vapormax Plus gradient blue color spy photos

Xiaobian\’s personal thinking, this may be the most cool pair of color in the NIKE VAPORMAX PLUS series, should be a colorful color Let\’s have any interest.

The latest \\\”Electric Blue\\\” colorful Vapormax Plus design will be

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Air Max Plus unique \\\”Wave\\\” bracket integration into gradient blue upper Among them, it is equipped with a dark blue midsole and Vapormax full palm mats echoing the upper.

NIKE VAPORMAX PLUS Gradient Blue Off Information

At present, the official has not announced the specific offer information of this pair of shoes, and the favorite small partners can continue to pay attention to our Q6U\’s latest news.

NIKE VAPORMAX PLUS Other color matching

The new \\\”Olive\\\” color design. The new version will combine with the AIR MAX PLUS of the Unique Tropical Road with the Air Vapormax signature air cushion to create a strong retro visual effect. Plus olive green embellishment, and the blessing of metal parts in the medium and foot, there are more functional tastes.

Nike Vapormax Plus brand new \\\”Triple Grey\\\” color. The body design is the air max plus shoe body with a unique ripple. The classic and innovation have collided with a strong visual spark again. Silver gray blessings have added noble temperament and good texture.

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece

Air Match \\\”Triple White\\\”, design AIR MAX PLUS as prototype combined with Vapormax air cushion soles, while retaining Air Max Plus Classic corrugated tape, the whole is presented with pure white, clean and neat. Delete traditional shoes tongue design, change into oneMedical stock socks suit, believes that foot feelings will be better.And add a ripple bracket of the TPU material on both sides of the body, and finally equipped with the Vapormax air cushion.

How colorful in the AJ11 matching AJ11 full color list

AJ11 is only the hot series of AJ1 in the AJ series. Since the super high look is being sought after by friends. So what color colors in AJ11 is, although the words of the big devil, the count, North card blue, etc., everyone has already called the ear, but is there any AJ11 that we ignore? Xiaobian will make a detailed inventory below, but don\’t miss it!

The first thing this year is the end of the AJ11 end of the shaft color

AJ11 WIN LIKE 96 \\u0026 # 39;

Starting from the AIR Jordan 11 large duct, Air Jordan 11 returned to the first year. The big paint leather is blue crystal, and it is also the standard of Air Jordan 11, of course, \\\”Win Like \\u0026 # 39; 96\\\” is no exception. Red to the ultimate suede matching with white middle, beautiful. Then the black details of the following is more than this bipolar red color.

Shoes adopts a color scheme similar to Air Jordan 11 \\\”Concord\\\”, the naval blue painted skin with a white nylon shoe body, followed by Effect, the North Car Color Jumpman Logo, the shoe box still presents a classic high-standard drawer, giving people a familiar and fresh visual experience! AJ11 \\\”Space Jam\\\”

2016 AJ11 big dunk can be said that there is no disappointment!

This classic eleven color color is officially unveiled in 1996, the first appearance of the NBA game is in the migramogram in the 1995 race. With the black shoe body with white midsole, the shoe is inserted in blue Jumpman logo, which is a standard works in many Air Jordan 11 coloring.

AJ11 \\\”72-10\\\”

This is the legendary AJ11 big devil

This time Air Jordan 11 is not a complex classic in the first year of color, but launched A brand new color, this colorful official name is 72-10. This pair of shoes not only recorded Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bull team at the 1995-96 season station to the finals of the finals, but also witnessed the Chicago Bull Team Regulations 72 wins 1

Nike Air Max 270 Men

0 Negatively, this epic. Although it is a new colorful shoe. But the design of this pair of Air Jordan 11 is built in Chicago BullsBased on color.

We saw this pair of shoes as black, but not the same is that he did not use the match of the first year of the patent leather ganney cloth, but change the part of the nylon cloth. It has become a tight leather material, and the lacquer skin is covered with leather. After the number of numbers 23 were printed, this time, it changed to a more delicate embroidery. Jumpman Logo in the upper part is also made of a metal imprint. The last design is a black and white gold color 11 in the 2006 DMP set in 2006.

At the same time, this pair is the third double color shoe after 2009 in the Gamma Blue and the Pantone of the set of Pantone. Although it is a new color, it is given the historical story of the year. It may be more acceptable to everyone. AIR Jordan 11 OG color colors were all returned frequently in the past few years. The next words can only be used as Pantone and \\\”72-10\\\” with coloring and stories to install new AIR Jordan 11.

AIR Jordan 11 Cool Grey

Air Jordan 11 Cool Gery sold in 2010 is not in the first year color. This coloring is from the first time of the first replica of Air Jordan 11 in 2000. However, Michael Jordan came through this coloring on the play of Michael Jordan on behalf of the Wizards team in the third time of 2003. Different from the first year version lies in that this pair of Air Jordan 11 Cool Gery is replaced by a leather material in the nylon cloth in the upper.

AIR Jordan 11 Concord

In 2011, the first year color jordan 11 concord. The sale of this pair of shoes also ignited the climax of the AIR Jordan series of shoes. From this pair of shoes, every pair of Air Jordan makes everyone like it. Until the heat was started slowly until the last two years. This pair of AIR Jordan 11 black and white color is the home color color of the Chicago Bulls.

AIR Jordan 11 Bred

The same first year colorful black color, Air Jordan 11 is also listed in 2012 after CONCORD color. Black red color colors belonging to the bull is simply a shoe, which is a dream of the air. I was in ChinaThere have been a grand occurs in the empty lane.

AIR Jordan 11 Gamma Blue

Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue sold in 2013 is a newly released color. Whether it is a Nike brand or consumers, this is a fun attempt. This pair of shoes is black, and the upper is embellished with water blue and Ming yellow. The name of this pair of shoes is from the blue blue of this pair of shoes. This pair of shoes is sold out in China or instantly, but this pair of shoes online is not as high as Concord and Bred. So this attempt allows consumers to re-examine Air Jordan 11, why do you like Air Jordan 11.

AIR Jordan 11 Legend Blue

Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue This color is actually the year Michael Joe

Nike Shoes Trending

Dan in all stars Air Jordan Comlubia Blue wearing on the game. This is also the exclusive color matching of not many Michael Jordan in the AIR Jordan series. This pair has both a year history, and the AIR Jordan 11 of the story is not so popular. Because the AIR Jordan series is too high, let everyone aesthetically fatigue, or because this color is not so prominent, it has been cold.

In addition to the Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey sold at the end of the year, another pair of full white color Air Jordan 11 was sold in the same year. This coloring is commemorating the 25th anniversary of the AIR Jordan series. However, only 3, 4, 9, 11 four pairs of shoes were sold in that year. Other prime is not available. This pair of AIR Jordan 11 25th anniversary is to cancel the Jumpman Logo on the side of the shoes.

AJ11 set

In addition to single sale, Nike in history also not regularly sells the set series related to Air Jordan 11.

AIR Jordan 11 DMP

In 2006, Nike launched a set of DMP sets of Air Jordan 11 + Air Jordan 6. The two pairs of shoes inside this set are Michael Jordan won the first championship in the three consecutive championships. soIt also has very special commemoration. This pair of shoes uses a lot of gold in the AJ series. Air Jordan 11 also changes on the color of the first year, the little flying people on the side of the shoes are replaced with \\\”gold\\\”.

Air Jordan 11 CDP

In 2008, the 23th anniversary of the birth of the Air Jordan series, Nike launched 11 sets of CDP sets. The meaning of this CDP set is that the two pairs of shoes in the suit are added to the 23.11 + 12 combination naturally become the most desirable CDP set. The AIR Jordan 11 in this CDP is selected for the first year of black color of AIR Jordan 11.

AIR Jordan 11 Ultimate Gift of Flight

In addition to the sale of Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue, a set of 11 + 29 Ultimate Gift of The Flight set, which is also a series of sets related to the AIR Jordan 11 after 2008 and 6 years. The color of this set is close to the Pantone series Sample, which is not available. This pair of AIR Jordan 11 colorimetry is similar to the school uniform color of the Northern Card University. So this sale is also very popular with all the sale of Colored Air Jordan 11.

In addition, there are many unprotected Air Jordan 11, do not know in the future, these shoes will not meet you through the market.

AIR Jordan 11 XX8 Days of Flight

This AIR Jordan 11\’s colorful inspiration comes from the first colorful black green color matching of Air Jordan XX8.

AIR Jordan 11 Pantone 284

From unmarked series PANTONE 284 series. The blue floor of the uniforms of the uniforms of the uniforms of the scorpion as the main color of the shoes. There is also a special laser pattern on the upper.

AIR Jordan 11 RAIBOW

From the unmarked series Rainbow series. The color of the whole series comes from the rainbow. This pair of Air Jordan 11 belongs to the component of the green.

AIR Jordan11 History Of Flight

From the His of Flight Series. This pair of AIR Jordan 11 is mainly white color matching. In the later period, Air Jordan 11 Low used this similar color.

Air Jordan 11 Georgetown

This is from the unwanted Georgetown series. In addition to North Carie University, Georgetown University in NCAA is also one of the university teams sponsored by Jordan Brand. So I also made a set of AIR Jordan shoes with Georgetown University. The same interesting is the same as this color match, in a commercially available Air Jordan 11 Low, which is also available in Georgetown.

The last pair of unloaded Air Jordan 11 is the player version of Ray Allen. There is Ray Logo belonging to Rayon on the tongue. So this pair of shoes will we have no chance to see in the market? In fact, it is not necessarily, because in the history of the Air Jordan series, the AIR Jordan 13 of Ray Allen, Chris Paul is already sold. Next year Melo\’s Air Jordan 13 will also meet us. So in the future, we can expect which pair of first pairs of Air Jordan 11 PE.

How to match

AJ11 as a pair of shoes, the match is also very important, the problem is also a very important ring

[ 123] The easiest, with casual school uniforms or workshops, it can also read

This year is a classic retro year, so this kind of calf is very fragrant. !

Matching a sports pants is also very good

AJ11 can play lazy to the extreme

Beam Pants It is also suitable for AJ11

I believe that the harder pants have been mixed, do not have to say more

Of course, jeans can\’t miss!

But Xiaobian feels that a pair of good socks is the link and soul between jeans and AJ11!

Camouflage elements are also quite suitable for AJ11

The big feet AJ11 can also be controlled!

So, AJ11 is really a hundred, it is better to share your ownBar!

Nike Pepper spraying when selling Foamposite One pepper injection

Nike classic furd series will finally usher in a pair of colors that have been most concerned in recent months, which is this pair of Nike Air

Nike Fanny Pack for Men

Nike Fanny Pack for Men

. Habanero Red \\\”, then when Nike Pepper is sold? Let\’s go to understand.

Nike Chipi spraying

Nike chili spray color will be officially released on October 26, the price is $ 230, the domestic should be ¥ 1749 RMB.

The country should also be launched simultaneously. At present, the pre-sale price on the market is slightly lower than the sale price. We will continue to pay attention and report it in the first time!

Nike Air Foamposite One \\\”Habanero Red\\\”

Item No .: 314996-603

Offering Date: October 26


Nike Shoes Vapormax

Sold price: $ 230 / ¥ 1749 yuan

Foamposite One pepper sprayed realite appreciation

The whole double shoe with bright orange red as a main point, After special treatment, it makes it look at the gloss of a metal, and a similar feature of the furnish has always been a good popularity.

Chili spray also has changed with traditional design, classic design is in the tongue and then tongue, \\\”Foamposite\\\” words \\\”\\\”

The classic retro \\\”nike\\\” logo, the identity is more eye-catching, directly equipped with the black outsole, avoiding the harassment of oxidation!

Foamposite One pepper spray worth starting?

Xiaobian suggestions do not start


Nike Shoes Womns Black

, price Very expensive

second, not available for actual combat

Of course, it is ok to start this shoe used to press the road.

AJ1 new show sale date confirm how much AJ1 rookie of the year

AJ1 annual rookie color has been exposed, this is available in October, but recently introduced AJ1 new show has jump tickets will be released next month, then AJ1 new show mites do it? How much is AJ1 new show? Let\’s take a look at the

Nike Sandals for Men

Nike Sandals for Men


AJ1 new show sales date is confirmed

It is reported that this pair of AIR Jordan 1 \\\”Rookie of the Year\\\” is officially launched on November 17, and the popular ball shoes trading platform STOCKX will also be launched. In addition, in the first day of the ATMOSCON exhibition, Japanese famous shoe paving Atmos will sell this shoe in advance on October 8!

Friends who have conditions to Japan to participate in the show can touch your luck! We will also pay close attention to the domestic delivery of this, and bring you relevant reports in the first time!

AIR Jordan 1 Retro High Og \\\”Rookie of the Year\\\”

Item No .: 555088-700

Off Sales Date: November 1

Pauly D Nike Shoes [123 ] 7 days

AJ1 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR Offer price is $ 160, Almost 120

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2


Shoes the maximum highlight is similar to the separated shoe straps similar to the OFF-WHITE joint design, and printed with Qiao Zhan The rookie data and award-winning testimonials. Brown yellow short suede is mixed with white litchi skin, side swoosh, shoes and liner parts are in black, allowing this double color color to be classified as \\\”white\\\” Air Jordan 1.

What should I do if the AJ1 upper

First AJ1\’s shoe is a leather, as long as wearing a road, how few more If you have a wrinkle, if you want to avoid this shoe shield, you feel that it is just to move the wrinkle and wear it.

In fact, AJ1 is a bit pleated to feel it. This is your own story.AJ1 ah

AJ5 Paris relatives and friends limited to sell? AJ5 Paris relatives and friends limit and AJ5 Paris contrast

AJ5 Paris raid for a few days, many small partners don\’t sign, but don\’t

Nike high tops men

should be sad, you can wait for the AJ5 Paris market price to be stable, you will be a pair, then Is AJ5 Paris relatives and relatives limited to sell? What is the difference between AJ5 Paris relatives and AJ5 Paris? AJ5 Paris relatives and friends limited physical maps to see? Let\’s take a look at the relevant information about AJ5 Paris relatives.

AJ5 Paris relatives and friends will be released?

Xiaobian feels that AJ5 Paris relatives and friends are limited to

Nike Shoes Custom

, after all, as Paris Saint-Germain star Players, Mbpe first, this pair of shoes

However, the possibility of commercial sales in the future is also the relevant information that can be paid to the AJ5 Paris relatives and friends.

AJ5 Paris relatives and friends limit and AJ5 Paris contrast appreciation

Let\’s first look at the contrast of two shoes

The biggest difference is The color and material of the upper, the AJ5 Paris relatives and friends are limited to the skin of the skin, and the AJ5 Paris is Hikam

Nike Space Hippie

leather materials, it seems to be slightly textured

AJ5 Paris relatives and friends are pure, and AJ5 Paris is black, there is no difference between other details

AJ5 Paris relatives and friends limit

AJ5 Paris [123

AJ5 Paris will increase price increase

From a long time, it is basically a bullish, but the AJ5 is at this stage unless it is a special version or the 正 红The version is not limited

If it is self-wearing, there is no relationship with you, I feel that the price is appropriate.