Dunk SB Doraemon is available, universal pocket features waiting for you to open!

A new Dunk SB Doraemon, which was previously exposed, attracted a lot of sleep, recently, this new color color finally has a new physical beauty, which is the latest [123 ] NIKE Shoes Pictures

Offering information is also released! How is the specific situation, let\’s take a look at you together!

Dunk SB Doraemon

This time is not only Nike and popular animation \\\”Doraemon\\\”, but also to celebrate Dora A new joint color match created by fiftyth anniversary. So this coloring theme is based on Dora A dream, and the color of the three kinds of red white blue is created. Its upper is in the bottom of white, selects a blue frame makeup, with side red swoosh logo embellishment, so that this pair of shoes have both refreshing wild effects, and a striking contrast tone. Yellow Nike SB label is dotted with a tongue, and it is also the same as the bell color of Doraem!

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this double-scale shoe does not match the color of the color, and this pair of shoes also have

Nike Shoes Zoom Pegasus [ 123] A dream of \\\”universal pocket\\\”! In addition, the leather below the shoes can choose to open or close, and it is very dynamic!

It is reported that this Doraemon Dunk SB will be officially debuted this fall, and like a small partner may wish to pay more attention. Xiaobian will continue to pay more Information!

Nike SB Dunk High \\\”Doraemon\\\”

Item No .: CI2692-400

Offering Date: 2020 Fall

哆A dream is from what era

What is the era of Dora A, there is two main sayings online, one said that the a dream is from the 22nd century in the family. It is the entrustment of the Master Bino, and wear it to the 20th century, in order to help Daxiong. Another thing is that in the initial setting (the oldest version of Dora A Dream), Doraemon came from the 21st century. In the 21st century, the setting of Doraem (Doraemon New Edition) was changed from 22 century. In short, Doraemon is not from the 22nd century, from a future world.

Doraemon What cat

Doraem is a machine cat, his meaning name is a cat, machine cat. It is reported that the shape of Doraemon is inspired

Nike Shoes 90s Style

Yuan vius F · Not Eti Xionnd with a bell as seen by a bell, then changed the \\\”Doraemon\\\”.After Fuji, F · Not Second, the Toward TV station inherited the copyright of \\\”Doraemon\\\”, and according to his wishes, \\\”I hope to change the Asian region to Japanese transliteration, so that readers in different places can know the same person.It will be said. \\\”Taiwan\’s natural culture was released in 1997,\\\” Doraemon \\\”as a Chinese name, and released the\\\” Doraemon \\\”Taiwan Chinese version authorized by the primary school library.