Concepts x kyrie 6 new cards and pink colors sale concepts x kyrie 6 new color matching physical appreciation

Recently Nike released the Concepts X Kyrie 6 series attracted a lot of tide shoes, but also made many actual combat party Muayu to try. Recently Nike has released two Concepts X Kyrie 6 new cards and pink color matching, these two color matching are also very beautiful, and the value is quite high. Let\’s take a look at everyone!

Concepts X KYRIE 6 new colored real appreciation

Nets Ball Star Kayi Owen has a countless fan in the world, and his signature boots Nike Kyrie series, the same ball shoes The player is a must-have shoe. Review all the color colors sold by Kyrie 5, I believe that \\\”ikhet\\\” jointly with Concepts will definitely make you remember.

It is precisely because the two sides succeed in the last joint, and when KYRIE 6 has not released the news, the two sides will re-identify the news, waiting for the holidays, it is finally in this year. Release the physical map. The first colorful sincerity, the khaki of the body is complemented by blue embroidery Swoosh, and the shoe hidden imprint texture demonstrates the control of both parties for detail processing.

The mid-bottom hidden black gold splashing ink with light blue crystal outsole, and the high-standard design is perfectly interpreted.

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Another color matching is a light-color dress, and the body is in large-area pink color

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dress, light blue Elephant with crystal transparent magic stickers. Swoosh, holographic makeup, seems to be a constellation texture, and the eyes are in the same time!

Concepts X Kyrie 6 New Color Offering

It is reported that pink version concerts x kyrie 6 will be available on December 27, the item number is Cu8879-600. And Khaki has not yet released the sale of information. You can pay more attention to your friends. Xiaobian will continue to pay attention!

What is the brand

Since 1996, the Concepts shoe store has been relying on its keen feeling of shoes and surrounding fields, in the UK This trend of cultural development is relatively slow to gestance to the local shoes culture. According to Agenda surveys, an important factor in the success of Concepts is its narrative for the story behind each pair, so that the majority of the audience not only put the shoes, not only on the feet.Daily necessities, but a fun story and historical carrier.This makes shoes such as the Concepts and many brands of Boch, Asics \\u0026 Qu

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OT; Boston Tea Party \\\”and other shoes are well received, in the UK and evenGood reputation in all areas of the world.