AJ8 black powder resilience spy photos appreciation AJ8 black powder color matching sale information

Today, this shoe is not a specially famous AJ series. This is based on the latest news, said that it is about to usher in a black powder

Nike Court Legacy

AJ8, original Black and pink are not very colorful, but through a certain proportion of mixing, it has reached a very perfect integration. Interested friends can come together to see the network!

AJ8 black powder resolved spy photos Appreciation

Pink use is not particularly, only in the middle of the bottom, but Pink has highlighted this AJ8 black temperament, cool color is colorful, the body is a unique form of AJ8

AJ8 black powder color reselection sale information

Jordanbrand will Add new color airjordan8 in 2020. Although AJ8 did not have a special hot, the small friends pay attention to this pair of AJ8 let the god of the basketball have got three championships

today 8 Nike Shoes

Recently, online broke the news, saying that there will be a new black / pink version push, temporarily unknown exact sale.

AJ8 story

This year is grief for Mike, it is a pity for the world, 93 years of Jordan leads the bull team with 4 to 2 Get their third championship, this is the brilliance of Laribord and the magician! But in this year, Mike\’s father was shot because of robbery! The murderer didn\’t know who the father is, but when they knew the regret, they killed the father of their idols! This year, Mike has a sad mood, announced in October! There is not much highlighting in the design of AJ8

Nike Air Force One

, towel shoes tongue and strap shoe buckle is the highlight of this, but this pair of shoes are not pleased! Because this shoe design is invisible, no one thought that when Jordan announced that retirement, everyone felt that he would not come back, so this pair is Mike last pair of NBA shoes, so everyone snapped each other, Nike created 93 Year sales record! This shoe has a special meaning in the AJ series!