AJ12 \\\”Reverse Taxi Black Gold Color Offering Information AJ12\\\” Reverse Taxi Black Gold Rework

AIR Jordan series of shoes are not loved by the fans. Just in recent days, there is a new color of the 12th-generation ball shoes of Air Jordan, who is about to meet with the fans, who is it. Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian to see the anti-button black gold color matching of this Air Jordan12 together.


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DAN 12 \\\”Reverse Taxi Repacks Black gold color high-definition\\\”

The whole body of this shoe is tone in black as a tone Body. The 线 分 分 分 分, 皮 皮 明 皮 皮 皮 材 明 更 使 更 更 更 更 更 更 明 更 更 明 更 明 更 更 明 明 明 显 明 明 明 明 明 明 明 显 显 显 显 显 显 显 显 显 显 显 显. In the tongue part, we can see that the top of the tongue is still a flying logo embroidery, and in the middle of the tongue, we can see the embroidery of Tow3. Tongly people logo and the red flying man of the front palm part And the black shoe showed great contrast. But this color color is also very popular.

Side partial display

[123 ] Air Jordan 12 \\\”Reverse Taxi Reversed Black Gold Color Offering Information

The release information of this anti-buckle black gold has been officially announced, the official delivery time of this shoe is October 31, the sale price is 190 Dollar. Friends who like this shoe may wish to wait a few days. The middle gang design of this shoe

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and black color matching are ideal for the present season. It is also very good at fashion and match.

Reverses AIR Jordan 12 \\\”Reverse Taxi\\\” Item No .: 130690-017 Offering Date: October 31 Release Price: $ 190

AJ12\’s foot feel How to

AJ12 is Nike first double built-in full-time pad and basketball shoes combined with carbon bobes, and carbon boards can support the role of the shoes, and the whole upper upper is more supported. A whole gas cushion can better alleviate the huge pressure of sudden movements to the foot, but the newbie 12 will be unaccustomed. Recommend AJ4 or soldiers 10 or apostles and EP