January 2022

What is the brand of Wei Shao? What is the brand of Wei Shao series?

In 18 years, Wei Shao\’s first double signing shoes Jordan Why Not Zer series has been sent, and it has already reached the fourth generation. The shoes are exposed to

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. Large concern, trend of shape, good shoe configuration, have always got a lot of people\’s favorite, then this pair of small ball shoes worth starting? Let\’s take a look.

What is the brand of Wei Shao Shoes

Wei Shao Shoes is Nike\’s brand, shoes

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logo\’s words are also Jordan The flying man marker, the birth of the shoes on January 5, 2018, has been sold in the fourth generation of shoes. Wei Shao\’s Jordan Why Not Zer Series Ball Self-exposure has been very popular, high, high configuration, whether it is an outstanding street or actual combat is a good choice, you like to pay attention.

What is the right to play

Wei Shao series, Xiaobian feels very suitable for changing not many defendings, passionate line sprint front line , Non-pure power-type center, Wei Shao\’s iron powder wants to collect old iron, simply want to experience the eating of the whole palm zoom, can try it, the current Shoes of Wei Shao series have been released for 4 generations, each pair Shoes are very distinctive, everyone chooses according to their needs.

Which generation is best

Xiaobian feels that Wei Shao 3 generation is good, the ZOOM of the front palm slot is very bomb, the small weight is behind

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is hard. The lace pulls the magic stickers, the package is good, the shaped TPU in the sole is really hard, and it is not very big before and after. And now the black gold can not buy 600, if you have a decisive to get a decisive, let\’s go.

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When is Easy Jianlian to return to Ying Jianlian?

Recently, the horse is reimbursed this season, and the things about the return of Yi Jianlian have been discussed by the majority of netizens, and after the end of the season, Sun Yue will retire, and I will not retire for Yi Jianlian. It is also very much, but Xiaobian believes that he will return to CBA to play. Do you think?

When is Easy to build a comment

Xiaobian Interpretation This season is easy to Jianlian or have the opportunity to come out.

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Dongqi Ma Shang – Brooks broke the branch, as a team\’s number one scored, his tissue series capabilities

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The same is good, his tactical status is only comparable to Yi Jianlian, and his external defensive ability is also in the league level. His next absence will greatly affect the future of Guangdong, and will also affect the season of this season. So Yipina\’s return to the rock is still very likely, everyone thinks.

Yi Jianlian went back to CBA

For the second consecutive season, the Guangdong team ace collapsed in a calendar. Last season is Yi Jianlian, now is Mashang Brooks. Last year, you can take risks to Ad. Less Ma Shang more ALE, strength will not fall or even stronger. So this year, I saw the opportunity of Ali, still very big.

Yi Jianlian\’s status in China

, although Yi Jianlian has not left the stadium yet, it is the current achievement, in China\’s basketball The position is already lifted. From the perspective of Chinese basketball history, Yi Jianlian should be able to say that it is only the existence of the history of Yao Ming. Yao Ming is undoubtedly the most influential Chinese basketball representative so far, and the Yi Jianliang, which is a lot of low-key, and the second is also the property!

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Is the AJ11 South Coast for sale AJ11 South Coast Passer?

The South Coast Color is a classic color color made by Nike James, recently Nike uses this classic color matching scheme to AJ11. So what is the combination of AJ11 and South Coast? Specifically, please, let Xiaobian lead everyone together to see it!

AJ11 South Coast for sale

Recently Nike launched a new AJ11 South coast color, this new color shoe body design is very simple and past South Coast color The solution is slightly different. The whole new color shoe is dominated by black and white, and the layout of the lychee leather is made up early, and the design of the lace is created in an irregular splash style. This adds a touch of color to a simple shoe, presenting a classic South coast style.

The middle portion of the conventional window Air Max is changed to the middle bottom of the foam, and the bottom portion is selected from the bottom portion. At present, this new color color has not yet released specific release information, but it is reported that this new color match will be on the scene this year, and the friends who like it may wish to pay more!

AIR Jordan 11 Low CMFT \\\”South Beach\\\”

Item No .: CW0784-104

Off date: 2021

AJ11 South Coast Pavigation

AJ11 is half code, Xiaobian recommends that you can buy a big half code when choosing. If you are not sure, you can measure the length of your foot, measure the length of the foot, measure the footage

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method is the foot length

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refers to the longest toe vertices to the foot followed by Horizontal linear distance. In addition, if you have a condition, you can also try it to do it again.

The story of the South Coast

The South Coast is an important landscape of the famous American city Miami, this is the color of Miami\’s natural landscape. Light blue sea, accompanied by pink sunset, so the color of the South Coast color is here. Ten years ago, James announced that talent to the South Coast and caused the sensation of the world. Nike also helped Lebron\’s boots to add the color of the South Coast, launched this pair of Lebron 8, became the darling of the upper. Subsequently, Nike colored the South Coast and became one of the routine colors in Lebron boots. Nowadays, the South Coast is also a classic color color of Nike.

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LBJ8 Knight Color Renewal Offering LBJ8 Knight Replica Configuration How to

Recently, James\’s eighth generation boots lbj8 resembles a lot of shoes fans. Previously, Nike launched the LBJ8 South Coast, Lakers and other colorful color! Recently Nike has returned the LBJ8 knight color, this coloring is a saying in the game before leaving the Knight! So what is this new color match? Let\’s take you a look at you!

LBJ8 Knight Color Renewal Off

This matching spirit comes from Lebron 8 \\\”HWC\\\” of the NBA Knight\’s 80s Vintage Jersey, this time Nike Replica This coloring is fixed with royal blue appearance of suede. The tongue part uses an orange to decorate, while selecting a relief lion pattern, the medium is decorated with a spots. LBJ8 is the first signature shoes released after the James Jacket Miami Heat, and this color match has its own specific meaning! At present, this new color match will be on April this year. If you like, friends may wish to pay more!

Nike Air Max Lebron 8 \\\”Hardwood Classic\\\”

Item No .: CV1750-400

Offers: $ 200

Offers: 2021

NIKE Dunks

LBJ8 Knight Replica configuration

LBJ8 Knight Replica version of the configuration is OK, no reduction, this color match Still use of the whole palm Max A

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IR air cushion, and the actual performance is still very good! Xiaobian is also Zhan M. 10 years ago, LBJ8 started to wear, and it has been sealed and collected now. This time you usher in return, Xiaobian is also very expected to sell this colorful sale!

LBJ8 Knight Paving code?

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In fact, this color size is just right, like a small friend You can start with your usual size. The Xiaobian will start a LBJ8 Lakeman color, the LBJ8 size of the replica version is not biased, just right, and the foot feels very comfortable after stepping on the air cushion. Overall, this time the returns are quite good.

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Jordan Spizike GS \\\”Sport Blue\\\” is about to be released

Recently, Jordan Spizike was reunited to our sight

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, after the successful completion of the first year, Jordan Brand also launched a girl\’s exclusive \\u0026 ldquo for women\’s shoes.; Sport

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Blue \\u0026 Rdquo; Color.The shoe is decorated with black gray burst of black gray, and finally injects the sport blue in the liner and the bottom.This Jordan Spizike GS \\u0026 LDQUO; Sport Blue \\u0026 Rdquo; scheduled for sale on August 9, Saturday, priced at $ 120, Ajgirl may consider.Item No .: 317321

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Hangzhou Sneaker Party rouge red delivery activities review

May 24, Carns Air Jor

Womns Nike Blazers

Dan 6 \\u0026 quot; Carmine \\u0026 quot; On the day, a Hangzhou Sneaker Part

Tn Nike Shoes hosted by Xsneaker

y in Hangzhou nicknameThe museum is hot


.In addition to new shoes, the strong Sneaker\’s cultural atmosphere is the subject of the scene.Now bring a 24-day live picture and wonderful shoes on your feet, feel the royal flame of this first summer.

Lebron 11 Low Se \\\”Multicolor\\\” FL Offer Information

Lebron 11 Low SE \\u0026 L

DQUO; Multicolor \\u0026 Rdquo will be officially issued on July 28th

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on July 28th

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The news called only exclusive sale in Foot Locker House of Hops, offering a price of $ 190.Item No .: 695224-970 Date of sale

J Balvin Nike Shoes Price : July 28, 2010: $ 190

Lebron 11 \\\”what the lebron\\\” will be released

Nike has

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confirmed Lebron 11 \\u0026 quot; What the lebron \\u0026 quot; Will not be available on May 31, the specific offer date is unknown.Kd6 \\u0026 quot; W

, Nike Shoes Vapormax Mens

, Nike Shoes Vapormax Mens

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.Item No .: 650884-400 Offer price: $ 250