January 2022

Undftd x kobe 5 spy photos Kobe in charge of what is going on

Recently, an undftd x kobe 5 brand new color spy photos were burst on the Internet. what on earth is it? Although I don\’t know if this new Kobe is selling, it will be sold, but

nike iphone case

is still a big wave in the heart of the shoe!

UNDFTD X Kobe 5 Spy photos

Nike Zoom Kobe series, after Kobe died, becoming a special way to miss the superstar. Although there are currently Kobe series products on the NIKE and the transfers platform, NIKE will be available in Kobe

Nike Shoes Womens Pink


Recently, a rendering map of Undefeated X Nike Kobe 5 \\\”Rage\\\” on the network, although this style will be released, it still wants to be non-non- .

Kobe legacy is public, what is going on

Kobe Bryant\’s legacy, Vaissa Blanete said for police violations, sharing Bomi and daughter The body and the victory photo she was shocked. This behavior is unforgivable. Sad, Vanisma calls on the Los Angeles Sheriff\’s office to take the most severe penalties and will be involved in the police.

On January 26th, local time, Kobe and daughter Jianese and other seven people crashed. On the same day, Wanneshe went to the Los Angeles County Public Security Official Office, requiring the accident area as a forbidden area. And prohibit photographic reporters from entering.

The aneccoral guarantees that all measures will be taken to protect the privacy of these families. But it turns out that the privacy of the victims is still seriously violated.

Kobe Introduction

Kobe is one of the best scorers in NBA. Career wins countless awards, breakthroughs, shoot, free throws, three-pointer, he is so light, almost Without offensive blind spots, the record of 81 points in single game has proved this. In addition to crazy scores, Kobe\’s ability to organize the organizational skills and often serve as the first initiator of the team attack. In addition, Kobe is also one of the best defenders in Nike Shoes Youth

, and it is very oppressed.

On 14 April 2016, Kobe Bryant announced his retirement after the last home of Jazz. On December 19, 2017, the Lakers were at home against Warriors, and the midfield was held in two pieces of jersey in two pieces of jerseys in Two jerseys. On March 13, 2018, Kobe has an animated lanternCooperative short film \\\”Dear Basketball\\\” won the 90th Oscar Best Short Piece Award.

On January 26, 2020, Kobe was killed in California Calabasus because of the helicopter accident, only 41 years old.

Beijing time February 25 Anna and other 9 helicopter operators \\\”Island Express Holding Corp\\\” proposed a lawsuit.

Los Angeles local time January 26, 2020, Kobe and other 8 people ride a helicopter travel from the island Express Holding Group, and the aircraft crashed, 8 passengers were killed with the driver. The litigation pointed out that the helicopter operator will take off with the driver to take off under the bad weather conditions of the fog, and should have a certain responsibility for the accident. In addition, the lawsuit also revealed that the pilot Zobang, which was killed in the accident, in 2016, due to the airspace with the low visibility of the driving helicopter, and is punished by the air-tube mechanism. The US media revealed that Vannesha did not propose a specific claim amount in the lawsuit. As of February 24, local time, the defendant island Express Holding Group has not responded to the lawsuit.

Ou Wen 6 White Family Size Spider Appreciation NIKE KYRIE 6 White Family Payment Information

Ou Wen 6 recently launched a full-family size theme, including adult, young childrens, and baby models, easily meeting a family\’s wearing demand. This new white style is made this time, the style is very bright, interested friends can come and look at the network!

Ou Wen 6 white

Nike Shoes Toddler

color full family size spy photos appreciation

Not only meets fans Demand, the full family size launched, but also makes a lot of fans ready to move.

The new color matching is made up of white, with a blue strap, which brings extremely refreshing visual effects.

The side body is embellished Nike Swoosh logo, while the tongue position has a black Owen personal logo, and the liner is presented with a color graffiti effect.

NIKE KYRIE 6 White Family Works Information

The outermost section of the blue crystal base package is wrapped with the same graffiti as the lining, bringing extremely low

Nike Shoes Grade School [123 ] The visual manifestation is adjusted. It is worth mentioning that this new color match will be on the form of a full family size, including adult, young childrens, and baby models, easily meet the needs of a family. There is currently no specific release information, we will continue to pay attention, and follow-up tracking reports in the first time.

Ou Wen 6 can be hitting the center

Suitable, this shoe is very stable!

Kyrie IRVING, born in Melbourne, March 23, 1992, with USA / Australian Double Nationality, USA / Australian profession Basketball players, the Division of the Ball Guard, which is effective in the NBA Brooklyn Basket Network.

Kaili Owen entered NBA in 2011, which entered NBA in 2011, which was active in the Knights, Celtics, and Nets; the new show season was elected for the best rookie; for the first time in 2014 The first lineup of the series, and is the most valuable player in all star games; the third lineup of the best lineup is selected in the 2014-15 season; the 2015-16 season will win the NBA champion with the Knight; the 2018-19 season is selected for the best lineup Paramond; Joint NBA all-star lineup is selected as 6 times in 2018-19.

Kaili Owen participated in the men\’s basketball World Cup in the 2014 World Cup, gains the championship and be elected by MVP. The 2017-18 season won the annual funny award. 201


9 Forbes 100 people list, Ranked 74th place in Keri Owen.

AIR Jordan 14 big red beef cow spits photos appreciative AJ14 big red offer information

Recently, a new AJ14 broke up on the Internet. There was no traditional leather on the material, but used a high-standard NBR. The material of this material is very rare, and the red color of the body is very high. height of! At present, online is already exploding for sale

Nike Shoes Goat

date, interested friends come together!

AIR Jordan 14 big red beef spits dispasses

The whole body is covered with a big red NBC leather material, simple Black, white double color dotted detail! The whole color is simple and practiced, and it is necessary to go to the feet. It is quite refreshing. It is definitely a good couple\’s shoes for spring and summer!

AJ14 big red release information

Currently, this shoe is expected to be released on June 6, the price is $ 190, more physical maps we will continue to pay attention and report! The price of the sale in China is about 1400 yuan!

AJ14 actual assessment

First, the venue is the kind of paint, gray and slide, 14 large rubber is very hard, this thought will slip, but actual It\’s not so unbearable, and there is no pulling phenomenon. But it is a bit hard, the package is also average, the package is also general, it is better to woven the inheat, the package is not as good as the woven, the package Strong, tightening the lace feet is still a bit shaking in the shoes, in short, not so comfortable. In terms of slowing, the front palm zoom is really surprised. Although it is slightly behind, it is a bit unnatural, but since the heart is very soft, it may be that the position is close to the insole, and you can feel it softly. Obviously deformation. See the displacement, 14 front palm cushion 7mm, rear of 8mm, but the postal Zoom feels less obvious, just when the word is just typing, the heel is still hurt, and the ability to absorb the impact when landing is indeed a little bit. .


Black Nike Shoes for Girls

, the old shoes are still a bit lost, after all, the times in progress in progress, a pair of top shoes before 20 years ago Something in today may not come from heart. Welfare is on the stadium and beautiful 14 today.

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Air Jordan 14 is referred to as Chinese is Jordan 14 generation. From Jordan 1 generation to Jordan 14 generation, each generation of shoes are inspirations for designers. Ferrari550maranello gave AJ14 to the prototype of the shoes. The whole pair of shoe is a run model, which is as shown in 550. Transfer hole and 550The ventilation system is printed in a mold.The larger floor of the human pattern is more direct to the tires.The most direct, even the logo of the flying people also changed, they won the fake horses.Remove these details, if you like shoes, like your car, you can feel the 2IN1 indulgence and tough performance of the shoes and the car.

AJ34 Fire Red Spider Appreciation Air Jordan 34 Fire Infrared Offers

Xiaobian has brought a new AJ34 today. It is a new red, very bright, although the online is the infrared style, but Xiaobian feels more like a flaming theme! It is said that it is going to welcome it, you can come and look at it together!

AJ34 Fire Red Spy photos Appreciation

High-visibility Scarlet Color Tuning The most compelling details of the performance model

[ 123]

The textile and synthetic material of the entire non-zipper upper cover is covered in \\\”infrared 23\\\”, and the contour mesh panel maintains its translucent appearance.

AIR Jordan 34 Fire Infrared Offers

Eclipse molding plate, Jumpman and \\\”NIKE Air\\\” brand have also obtained dark red treatment. In other places, \\\”black\\\” interrupts the \\\”face\\\” arrangement of the tongue, lace and the foot,

Black Nike Shoes for Women Air Max

is just like 2014 AJ6. Visible Zoom Air cushions There is a dark window under the front foot, sandwiched in the middle \\\”infrared 23\\\” toe box and human glyphs.

On March 4th, the price of $ 180 is waiting for Nike\’s upcoming nike.com, come and see the next Jordan 34 below.

AJ34 how to fight outside

Package: The whole upper is basically in the outside, and the light cotton cloth is created and the wing upper is formed. So on the feet The most intuitive first feeling at Air Jordan 34 is that it is almost impossible to exist in upper. Relatively light wingles are filled with inner miles, allowing Air Jordan 34 to have better breathability than traditional cortical upper or knitted upper. When doing any breakthroughs during the actual combat, there is no feeling that the foot is pushing to the upper. Instead, there is a feeling of hoot and upper integration, shifting speed, and the reaction of the upper when the air stop is particularly rapid. The reason why this feel is because the upper is light enough.

Capitality: The middle of the middle is still the front and fuss, the front palm is large, and the rear is slightly small. However, the feeling of the feet is still a bit hard, I don\’t know if there is no reason for stepping.

Anti-side turn: the hollow Eclipse Plate visible at the middle of the naked eye, each step of the bow is obviously supported, and the upper side of the shoe has also used the hot melt patch + rubber patch. Design, the overall feeling is still good.

Blectance: Absorbing, the entire upper to the outer group


This is made of light cotton cloth and the wing upper, so the most intuitive first feeling at the foot Air Jordan 34 is almost impossible to have the existence of the upper.

Grizzling: The outbreak-shaped human stripes, with the arc-shaped rubber strip of the front palm, so that the grip is also improved.

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Nike is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA. The sporting goods produced by the company include, such as clothing, footwear, sports equipment, etc. Nike is a famous sports brand in the world, in English, refers to Greek victory goddess, Chinese translation for Nike.

The Nike logo pattern is a small hook. Nike has always motivated every athlete around the world and is a glorious task for its best products. Nike\’s first gas cushion technology brought a revolution to the sports community. Sneakers using this technology can protect the knees of athletes well. Decrease the impact of

Nike Shoes DSW

when it is fiercely movement.

On June 8, 2016, \\\”2016 Brandz\’s most value brand will\\\” announced, Nike 24th. On September 8, 2016, Apple held Hike to officially launch the second generation Apple Watch second-generation product. March 15, 2017, 3.15 party exposure, Nike HyperDunk 08 FTB (SKU: 869611-001) basketball shoes was found to be incorrect. On December 18, 2018, the \\\”2018 World Brand 500\\\” prepared by the World Brand Laboratory was announced, and Nike ranked 8th place. \\\”Wealth\\\” magazine 2019 World 500 strong rankings rank 340. Operating income 36,397 ($ million). In October 2019, the global brand released by Interbrand 16. In January 2020, Nike (NIKE) is ranked 13th in the world\’s most appreciated company list.

Air Max Plus 3 new colorful blue green color sale Nike has no repair service

Recently, Nike launched an air max plus 3 new colorful blue green color. This brand new color shoe is mainly blue and green, selects the formation of gradient transitions, looks very fashionable and avant-garde! How is the specific situation, let\’s take a look at you together!

AIR MAX PLUS 3 new colorful blue green color real appreciation

AIR MAX family with retro style and radical avant-garde science and technology concept, occupying half of the Nike Camp Status. While Air Max 2090, Nike also brought back the classic style of the past released in a replica. Just release the official map in this morning, let\’s take a look! The upper use of the mesh cloth + canvas + TPU frame, design super-landscape lines, creating super-high technology and speed. At the same time, the middle of the body is integrated into the details of industrial barrage similar to the OFF-WHITE style, the avant-guards are full!


Men Nike Shoes

US 3 new colorful blue green color release

It is reported that this new color match has been released, the sale price is $ 190, like friends can search for item number Cu4710-400!

Nike has no maintenance services

Nike has after-sales service, after-sales service is as follows:

1. Quality problems, seven days of package return. The premise is that the packaging is kept intact, no wearing, no cleaning or self-repair.

2, the size is not suitable, you can switch the size.

3, within one month, there is an open glue, you can send back to the original warranty.

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Nike is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA. The sporting goods produced by the company include, such as clothing, footwear, sports equipment, etc. Nike is a famous sports brand in the world, in English, refers to Greek victory goddess, Chinese translation for Nike.

Nike trademark

Nike Shoes Air Max 270

pattern is a small hook. Nike has always motivated every athlete around the world and is a glorious task for its best products. Nike\’s first gas cushion technology brought a revolution to the sports community. Yun

Nike Shoes Black and White

Sneakers manufactured using this technology can protect the knees of the athlete. It is reduced to the effect on the knee when it is flexible.

Kobe5 Protro Heart Color Offers ZK5 Protro Heart Detail Appreciation

Kobe\’s death fans are still very sad, Nike also focuses on

Nike Jordan Shoes Men

opened Kobe shoes plan, not only with hot colorful hot pot, but also new color release, such as This double-explosive kobe 5 protro \\\”,\\\” Heart \\\”color, the value is really high, plus the naked eye 3D effect looks really good.

Kobe5 Protro Heart Color Feed Information

This new color kobe 5 prot

Nike Shoes Zipper

RO has not released the sale of information, but I I believe that such a pair of clean and blur Kobe 5 Protro must be a good shoes that will be sought after. Although Kobe 5 Protro reduction is really mad, Nike always uses designs to make me true, hehe! Really unfortunately.

In short, Kobe 5 protroo \\\”Heart\\\” heart color! I can only use \\\”true nb\\\” to describe this color color, I am willing to call it the most!

ZK5 Protro Heart Detail Drawing Appreciation

White as the main adjustment, the most eye-catching design is a macropolitan geometric pattern, creating a naked eye 3D effect .

This angle looks at the shoes, or there is a laser design of Ha

The overall sole body exhibits extremely refreshing visual experience. . But the white gray color is not onto the solid color pen.

The configuration of the middle is also the blessing of Air Zoom

Side of black Nike Swoosh logo, perfect the design of the whole double shoe.

Nike Flex Women

hole design

Insole, left and right feet, respectively, 2 and 4, If you want to have a meaning, you will not have to make a small editor.

Kobe5 Protro is worth starting with

Kobe5 Protroeybl \\\”Forest Green\\\” to build a main line vision with a dark green, which has a camouflage detail. The movement of motion, the details of metal texture are also quite high.

Kobe5 Protro \\\”EYBL\\\” is a full-scale upper, shoes tongue and shoesColor dotted.The middle bottom is through black, and finally the end of orange is ending.

Kobe5 Protro \\\”Big Stage Parade\\\”, white, black two color matching twoStrong visual impact.

Kobe5 Protro \\\”Lakers\\\”, the shoe body uses yellow lines to outline the contour, black purple colors cover the upper, highlight the lakes\’ purple gold theme!

Dunk SB Doraemon is available, universal pocket features waiting for you to open!

A new Dunk SB Doraemon, which was previously exposed, attracted a lot of sleep, recently, this new color color finally has a new physical beauty, which is the latest [123 ] NIKE Shoes Pictures

Offering information is also released! How is the specific situation, let\’s take a look at you together!

Dunk SB Doraemon

This time is not only Nike and popular animation \\\”Doraemon\\\”, but also to celebrate Dora A new joint color match created by fiftyth anniversary. So this coloring theme is based on Dora A dream, and the color of the three kinds of red white blue is created. Its upper is in the bottom of white, selects a blue frame makeup, with side red swoosh logo embellishment, so that this pair of shoes have both refreshing wild effects, and a striking contrast tone. Yellow Nike SB label is dotted with a tongue, and it is also the same as the bell color of Doraem!

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this double-scale shoe does not match the color of the color, and this pair of shoes also have

Nike Shoes Zoom Pegasus [ 123] A dream of \\\”universal pocket\\\”! In addition, the leather below the shoes can choose to open or close, and it is very dynamic!

It is reported that this Doraemon Dunk SB will be officially debuted this fall, and like a small partner may wish to pay more attention. Xiaobian will continue to pay more Information!

Nike SB Dunk High \\\”Doraemon\\\”

Item No .: CI2692-400

Offering Date: 2020 Fall

哆A dream is from what era

What is the era of Dora A, there is two main sayings online, one said that the a dream is from the 22nd century in the family. It is the entrustment of the Master Bino, and wear it to the 20th century, in order to help Daxiong. Another thing is that in the initial setting (the oldest version of Dora A Dream), Doraemon came from the 21st century. In the 21st century, the setting of Doraem (Doraemon New Edition) was changed from 22 century. In short, Doraemon is not from the 22nd century, from a future world.

Doraemon What cat

Doraem is a machine cat, his meaning name is a cat, machine cat. It is reported that the shape of Doraemon is inspired

Nike Shoes 90s Style

Yuan vius F · Not Eti Xionnd with a bell as seen by a bell, then changed the \\\”Doraemon\\\”.After Fuji, F · Not Second, the Toward TV station inherited the copyright of \\\”Doraemon\\\”, and according to his wishes, \\\”I hope to change the Asian region to Japanese transliteration, so that readers in different places can know the same person.It will be said. \\\”Taiwan\’s natural culture was released in 1997,\\\” Doraemon \\\”as a Chinese name, and released the\\\” Doraemon \\\”Taiwan Chinese version authorized by the primary school library.

361 ° Gordon generation ball shot spy photos exposure, look forward to!

. Then this exposure

Revolution 5 Nike Shoes

What is the shoes? How is the specific situation, there is not much to say, let Xiaobian lead everyone together to see it!

361 ° Gordon Generation Ball Spyding Exposure

This new balloon is exposed by 361 chief designer Weibo, the small editorial test is likely to make [ 123] AIR Forces Womens Nike

AG1 SAMPLE, but the official information has not been announced. Only from the color of the microblog, AG1 is definitely available in several color, everyone may wish to look forward to this new color!

361 ° Gordon generation shoes worth looking forward to?

Although the shoes are not 361 strength, but overall 361 this new Gordon generation Bronkeals are still quite worth looking forward to. First, 361 is a big brand in our country, and it is relatively cost-effective and worth buying. The focus is that he is not expensive, and ordinary citizens can bear. Running shoes are very light, very comfortable, or ok.

361 ° basketball shoes

The price of the basketball shoes in 361 can be found, the ordinary people can accept, 361 price is about 300-400, However, compared to domestic Li Ning, there is still a certain progress and growth space, the package of the foot is general, the shoes are a bit like a stone, and the damping is basically the insole. But still you can look forward to the growth of 361!

Kids Nike Socks

Why did Nick Waplers come to China to play Nick Young?

Recently, Nick Pop will come to China to play, attract a lot of fans, and many fans expressed their expectations. Of course, many of the friends are curious. Nick Yang wants to play Chinese because Nick Yang has

Infant Nike Shoes

China? After all, \\\”Yang\\\” is a big name in China! What the hell is going on? Let\’s take a look!

Why did Nick Come come to China

It is reported because NBA chose JR Smith, did not choose Nick Yang, so Nick Yang, early this year, Nick Yang It is publicly indicating that you have to come to China. His home is likely to be in Nanjing, but because of the special reasons, it has not been able to travel. If the Nick Yang successfully landed CBA, he will become the largest NBA star in the CBA existing foreign aid.

Nick Yang has China\’s bloodline?

Nik Tehu did not have Chinese bloodline, but everyone may often hear the netizens in Nick Yang\’s Chinese blood, compare Nicos Call Yangnick, to the back of the US surname, so I become Nick Yang. And before Nick Yang was talking about China\’s New Year\’s year, Yang Tao said: \\\”My surname is Yang, which represents my Chinese bloodline.\\\” So this section was transmitted by the fans.

Which ik, who came from

Nike Pants

The name of Nick Yang is nick young, translated is Nick Pop, in June 1985 In the 1st, I was born in Los Angeles in the United States. In 2007, I entered NBA in 2007, I have been working in the Wonderful, Clippers, 76 people, Lakers, Warriors and Nuggets and other teams, and won the Warriors in the 2017-18 season. 123] Nike womens Running Shoes

BA Championship. Later, it became a free player, and now I am very likely to sign China CBA.

AJ5 angry bull will return to the AJ5 angry bull nice on 2021

This year is the 30th anniversary of AJ5, but the big red suede AJ5 in this two in 2009 released, but there is no news, but the date of recent release is determined, will be on April 10 next year. Officially released, still worth looking forward to, let\’s take a look.

AJ5 Angry Bull will return to return to 2021

This month, this double shoe will return next year, after 12 years, it will make more Player dream, the latest news, this pair of shoes will be

Nike Shoes for Men White

officially released on April 10 next year, the sale price is $ 190, there is currently no 2021 version of the real thing

Red Nike Shoes Vapormax

According to the distance, there are still more than half a year. Everyone has time to save money, we will continue to pay attention!

AIR Jordan 5 \\\”Raging Bull\\\”

Item No .: DD0587-600

Online Date: April 10, 2021

Offers: $ 190

AJ5 Angry Bulls look good?

Good-looking, and there is still a historical meaning of shoes.

This pair of AJ5 \\\”Red Suede\\\” was originally sold in the form of \\\”3M\\\” in the form of \\\”Raging

Nike Blazer MID

Bulls\\\”, 2009 is also known as \\\”Toro Bravo \\\”. There are two bulls of red eyes on the special wooden box, which is the pen of this shoe box.

The shoes are made with big red suede, and the midsole iconic shark teeth is based on the red logo of the Bulls, as if they are \\\”blood\\\”.

After years of return, it is still very meaningful and worth, you can pay attention to it.

AJ5 Angry Bulls Feet

Many people who see all red shoes may feel that this kind of shoes are not good, I am worried that I will be too exaggerated after the feet, really feet Then, this color is actually suitable for the feeling of summer. The AJ 5 is really can\’t say particularly please, but the excellent color matching is a classic footwear, which provides sufficient reasons for you, you can pay attention to it. what.